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N(used)BD - Tobias Toby Pro V

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by EdwardofHuncote, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. EdwardofHuncote

    EdwardofHuncote I Still Dream of Jeannie Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2013
    Southwest Virginia
    20160115_164025. 20160115_174545. 20160115_174117. 20160115_174202. 20160115_173832. 20160115_173913. N(used)BD, Tobias Toby Pro V

    I hadn't planned on doing a NBD post on this one. For one thing, I hadn't planned on buying another bass, really had no earthly need for another one, but this Tobias was just such a well-made instrument, that at a less than $500 price point it was too good to pass up. I do have a nephew who has shown interest in playing bass lately, so he may eventually end up with this one. If not, well heck, I just got a super-nice neck-through 5-string bass for literally a year's worth of pickle-jar change. :hyper:

    I was surprised at how light this bass is in spite of solid wood body wings of curly maple, and walnut(?)/maple neck-through construction. I'm guessing 9 lbs or so. The balance and playability is incredibly good... I expected some neck droop with such a long neck, but it's just about a perfect 10-to-4 balance.

    I really like the narrower string spacing. It's very much like an older Gibson Thunder Series V I have... (also pictured) measures 1-3/4" at the nut, and 2-7/16" span at the bridge. That's pretty narrow for some folks, but just what I'm used to. The profile of the neck is a little bit chunky, but not prohibitively so.

    One of the common critiques on these was that the electronics suffered from low output. Here's my take on them; it's true, they are not nearly as hot as my Alembics or Rick Turner models, but with the way the controls are configured, it was an easy fix. These came stock with two hum-cancelling soapbars, master volume, pan, bass boost/cut, and treble boost/cut. By setting the bass and treble controls at their respective center-detent, the output is about the same as my passive Gibson - a bit anemic, but definitely workable. Simply boost both bands to about 90% open and this bass snarls to life. Shift the pan toward the neck pickup and there's plenty of thump, favor the bridge pickup, and all the twang you need is right there. And on that subject I gotta' say, as someone who prefers and plays "hi-fi" basses pretty much exclusively, this one most definitely does not disappoint. It's extremely articulate, and with a very wide range of available tones. Opening it up, sure enough, the control cavity has a nice coat of shielding paint, so I did the TV test to see how well it was shielded... 3 feet away and it's dead quiet. Another nice touch, the backplate is in two pieces, so you only remove three screws to replace the battery. Also of note, these screws are threaded into brass inserts rather than just into wood.

    The neck is straight as can be too, no truss-rod adjustment needed. After I put some lighter strings on (Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Rounds) I did raise the action at the bridge just a couple thousandths on the G, D, and A strings. Intonation was dead-on at the 24th fret.

    Probably my biggest gripe is the jack. It's wonky... just incidental contact with the cable was causing it to cut in and out. My amp hates that even more than me, so using a pipe cleaner and some De-Oxit, I scrubbed it out, which seems to have helped a lot. It's a weird looking jack... never seen one quite like it, so I'm hoping it won't be a big deal to replace it if I ever have to.

    Well, there it is TalkBass... the Toby Pro V may not be everyone's thing, but if you've got one laying around... I'll give it a loving home. :laugh:
  2. boamedt

    boamedt Supporting Member

    Jul 2, 2008
    Santa Rosa, Ca
    wow, beautiful!
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  3. rufus.K


    Oct 18, 2015
    I'm a big fan of those. I have a Toby Pro4 that is my main in a jazz trio. After playing it stock for 2years, I just bought an Aguilar OBP3 to replace the preamp. My battery cover is one piece. Neck isnt chunky at all, but that may be cos yours is a 5er. No problems with my jack , maybe yours was previously abused.
    Enjoy your pickle jar funded beauty
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