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  1. I did a quick search and found a bunch of things that were sorta/kinda about my situation, but not really.

    Apologies in advance if I missed something.

    Currently, the only effects box that I use is my Sansamp BDDI that I run through the send/rec pre loop on my rig. I basically use it as a preamp, as it stays on to help shape my tone and never gets shut off while I'm playing (rig for reference is a Hartke HA4000 head and a SWR Triad cab)

    I'm looking into a simply multi-effect board such as the bass floor pod by line 6. not the crazy xt live one, since I don't have the cash or necessity for that.

    I noticed one of the main features of the floor pod is the amp emulation. Would this be doing the same thing as my BDDI? Would it replace it? or can I use both in combination?

    I like the sound I get from my BDDI and I'd like to keep using it, but I'm not sure if using the line 6 would interfere or be "too much"

    Also, what would be the best way to wire this? Should I run it bass-pod-amp? or put it in with the BDDI in the effect/pre loop send and receive in the back of the amp?

    Please help!
  2. René_Julien


    Jun 26, 2008
    What do you want? Effects or amp simulation?

    Line 6 ampsims are good, but if you're going the Line 6 route the Floor Pod is a bit too limited in ampsims and effects. (Not a bad sounding unit though.)

    A Bass Pod XT or POD X3 are great units both as multi-ampsim and multi-effect.
    I really like the quality of the effects on the Pods. (mostly my experience is with an X3)

    I haven't tried the Line 6 M9 or M13, but I can imagine they are great multi-effect units since the PODs are so great at it.

    I understand budget is a bit limited as you say a POD XT is too expensive.

    If you are after a multi-effect, my suggestion is looking after a used BOSS ME-50 or ME-50B.
    I much prefer the ME-50 (non-B), the guitar version. I think it's much useful for the more common effects: modulation, delay, reverb, overdrives&distortions.
    The bass version, ME-50B, has some more bass-orientated effects (*cough* gadgets *cough*), and because of that it lacks room for the more common effects that I personally find more useful in a multi-effect unit.
    Both are great units, it's BOSS it's decent, and you should be able to find them second hand.

    If you are after a multi-ampsim (and additional multi-effects) it doesn't get better than a Line 6 POD. Second hand Bass POD XT maybe?
    Or stick with Sansamp, get a programmable BDDI or wait for the programmable VT... and/or get seperate Character series pedals.
    Sansamp is going the expensive route though.
  3. I have the non-programmable BDDI already...

    If I got a pod, which it's looking like i might do.. can/should i run both at the same time? say run the pod between my bass and the rig, and the bddi in the loop? I usually leave the blend on the bddi about 50-60%. If i did that would it blend the sans with the amp emulated tone of the pod? that's kinda what i would be shooting for.

    ...or is it useless/******** to run both at the same time
  4. René_Julien


    Jun 26, 2008
    Well, the way you propose the setup you would have the POD sounds blended with the POD sound in serie with the BDDI.
    Not POD blended with BDDI.

    One thing I learned about my POD X3: it does not like other audio equipment, like other effects, signal processors, outboard preamps and active basses.

    Here is an idea: why not get a BOSS LS-2 and blend the BDDI with a POD. Each unit in its own loop.
    And bypass your amp's preamp by going directly into the "effects return".

    Either way you do it, it's not useless if you achieve the sounds you want. ;)

    I would rather look for a used Bass POD XT rather than a Bass Floor Pod.
    But that's just me because I like the Bass POD XT so much because of all it offers and can do. It can do anything the Floor POD does plus so much more.

    Not that there is anything wrong with the Floor POD. (I tried this one out too.) If you are sure that is all you will need and won't regret spending more on a POD XT.


    Even if you are not after the effects, the ampsims on the POD XT are so much fun.

    All IMO off course.