NAD 1965 Ampeg B-15N

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    Sep 22, 2017
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    Got this beauty this last weekend. Watched it local on Facebook Market Place for over a month. I messaged the guy and told him that his $2500 asking price was the one I want to keep price because of the condition and the PT had been replaced. Fast forward to this last weekend I sold my V4 and 412 cab so I had cash in hand to deal with. Went to look at it, played it and bought it. It had not been cleaned for many years and he had had it since 1983. He came way down on the price. It has a 77 Eminence square magnet speaker in it, I've got the correct one on the way. The handle was toast, so I replaced it. Like I said it sounds great and louder than I thought a B15 would be. Not having matching transformers kinda bugs me thou. Other than replacing the PT, I guess I'll just live with it until I can afford to replace it and do other service on it. I would really like to find a empty transformer can or even the whole thing, just to cover the one that I have.

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  2. 89EE0316-51E0-4234-9B43-A91D695AEF5C.png Nice! Here is the 1966 one I got a few weeks ago. Love it!
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    @mobass55 just a point that the tube chart is wrong in today’a world. If you put 6L6 tubes in your amp they would fail pretty quickly. The output tubes should be 6L6GC.
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    If you get that baby serviced and running right, it will ruin you opinion of tone from any other amp. I've got a '63 that I was planning to be buried with, but I'm gonna leave it for my grandson instead.:D
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    Sep 22, 2017
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    It has JJ 6l6gc tubes.
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