NAD Aguilar TH 350

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  1. H Nighttrain

    H Nighttrain

    Feb 12, 2018
    Been looking for a lighter weight rig,... I done went and bought a new ToneHammer. Took a good amount of time with it, couldn't find anything wrong with it.

    Been playing an Eden WT330 for many years, this amp felt very similar to me. Happy me.

    Questions for y'all:

    I'm used to setting the gain knob by spanking the bass as hard as I can until the light flashes, with the Eden that's generally 12 to 1:00 (passive Fenders) but I couldn't get the clip light to light up even when I dimed the gain knob. Buy even then, and turning up the master to like 3:00, it still sounded fine (loud as crap, they musta loved me in the store)... anyway, what gives? Is it really that bulletproof in the gain stage? What's gonna happen if I use a Stingray (it's real old, '78, but still active) or active Sterling? Will I ever need that -10dB switch (the Eden doesn't have a pad, I think I set it around 10:00 with the actives)?

    Also, some older threads I looked up here mentioned an old kjung/eublet thread where they discussed dialing in some useful tones, I got a lot of hits when I searched but never found that thread... if anyone can point me there I'd appreciate it - TIA!

    FWIW, I also ran the Eden, what is it, WTX-264 (?) thru the same cab as I the one I used with the TH (Eden D210MBX, since I own and use that cab all the time). It sounded pretty good, had a familiar vibe to be, but the lows (probably more like low mids) didn't 'speak' to me like I'm used to with my 330, but the TH did, and it started sounding bad at a much lower volume than I could get from the TH (which I never did get to start breaking up, pretty impressive). The lil Eden was a good bit more expensive, too...

    Hopefully I'll be happy with my purchase - if not I've got a week to return it. I also have two used amps from the classifieds here on their way to me - an Ashdown ORIGINal 300 and an EA iAmp Micro 300 (350?). Only plan to keep one, so next week will be "Survivor Bass Amp Island" at my place.
  2. H Nighttrain

    H Nighttrain

    Feb 12, 2018
    Read up some more this evening. Found great info in the TH 700 thread, even better stuff on pg 92 of a 283 pg TH 500 megathread.

    The drive knob is apparently not what I was thinking it was, so tone shaping-wise I've got some experimenting to do.

    And apparently I need to dime the master... well I guess all the time? If that's how it's supposed to be used, why have the knob at all? Just for very get low volume/practice?

    (Not being coy posing that question - the power amps in my PA rack are meant to be dimed, with volume controlled by the mixer levels - TH operation seems to be analogous.)
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  3. dabis


    Mar 27, 2016
    Hi @H Nighttrain ! Nice to hear the TH350 suits your needs. I purchased one 3 years ago and it's the coolest tone I've ever had. Paired with an SWR Goliath III, 4 ohms. Playing an Stingray. Don't be afraid to plug and abuse your old Stingray or the Sterling thourgh this head. Never used th -10dB pad.
    About the gain/drive configurations knobs, I recommend to read (again if you did so) the next graphs @Eublet posted some time ago:
    Aguilar - Official 'Tone Hammer 500' 3.8lbs 500w Megathread!

    I can share my actual settings while playing with the Stingray:
    GAIN and DRIVE: 9 o' clock
    BASS: 2 o' clock
    TREBLE: 12
    MASTER: 11:00-12:00 o' clock

  4. H Nighttrain

    H Nighttrain

    Feb 12, 2018
    I've taken a lot of time reading thru the TH500 mega thread and a few others, think I'm getting an idea of how to use the amp. But I still gotta try stuff out, so I rolled most of my gig-worthy gear into the living room. 20190714_142741.jpg
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  5. H Nighttrain

    H Nighttrain

    Feb 12, 2018
    Amps: TH350, EA iAmp300, Eden WT330 (x2)
    Cabs: Berg NV610, Eden D212XLT, Eden D210MBX
    Basses: Ray ('78 MM Stingray), Sticker Bass ('92 MIM neck on some short scale body), Thumper ('73 P), Blue Jazz ('94 MIA neck on no-name body), and Toothless ('88 MIJ Jazz Bass Special)
  6. Why do you think you need to "dime the master"? The gain, drive and master all function on the preamp. The power module is always "dimed". If you want clean, run the gain low and the master high. The drive knob can tighten up the lows and give some upper mid boost. Suggest finding a tone you like with the drive and adjust gain accordingly.

    I run my TH 500 gain around 10 o'clock and the drive around 1 o'clock. Usually the master never goes above 12 o'clock. Never seen the clip light come on. If you go above noon on both the gain and drive you will start to get some grit and with higher master settings will turn on the clip light. Just means something in the preamp stage is clipping, which may be what you are after.

    The drive knob can be confusing but it really is a wonderful little thing once you get a handle on what it does. It can make that amp magical on stage in a loud band mix. And that's a heck of a collection you got there!
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  7. dabis


    Mar 27, 2016
  8. H Nighttrain

    H Nighttrain

    Feb 12, 2018
    Thx guys! Please disregard my initial "dime the master" comment, I was confused by some of the first posts I read, but after reading thru literally hundreds (prob more) of TB posts, I'm getting how this lil beauty was put together.

    The best for me are post #1825 on pg 92 of the 283 pg TH500 mega thread - jason "eublet" who posted freq resp curves, brilliant; and another post (crap, lost the reference! maybe on pg 216?) where somone very helpfully compiled about a half dozen settings contributed by kjung, lowbsix, eublet, a a few others. In the TH700 not-quite-mega thread I noted posts #87, #92, and #130 as helpful for one reason or another... but as I was going thru everything I took a ton of notes, and listed every settings suggestion I ran across.

    And I'll contribute my own here... starting with the Eden head set flat, 'cause that's my reference, I got the TH350 to sound pretty close, and was really just checking to see if the mini head could output the same volume/loudness (being skeptical of class D stuff). Thru either the 212 or 610, the answer is yes! I'm almost certain that it will work fine in my band. I'm stoked.

    Messed around a bit more here's the preliminary Haywood Nighttrain preferred settings (all #s are o'clock): Gain 10, Drive 2, Bass 10, Treb 10; Mids either slight boost 1 at Freq 10 (~300Hz) or cut 10 at Freq 4 (~900Hz).

    I'm using the Master to set overall volume, but what happens when it's maxed out and I still need more volume? Well, just roll up the Gain, there's plenty of juice still there, and the clip light doesn't start flashing 'til I get to aroud 2-3:00 - and by my reckoning that sounds just about the same loudness as the Eden. Eden is rated 330W, TH is 350, so that's the way it should be, but it's a first for a class D in my personal experience.

    I was looking for a lightweight head that could match the performance of the 330 in handling the volume and tone needs for my gigs. Found one!!!

    My biggest complaint... the blue LEDs are way too f'n bright! (Hah! first world problem!)
  9. Great amps. Congrats. A bit of elec tape over the light can mute it. Or I put a bit of a band aid on mine, can still see the light, but not as bright
  10. johnpbass


    Feb 18, 2008
    Glen Mills, PA
    Congrats on the new TH!
    The way I describe the Gain is that it controls the amount of effect that the Drive and Mid controls have on your overall signal. You can run the amp with the Gain control off. If you've got the Gain up then as you turn up the Drive it actually starts rolling off the low end and high end.
    I have a setting that I use with my Stingrays that I call "Clean Tube" - Gain 10:00, Drive off, Mid Level 2:00, Mid Freq 2:30, Bass 2:00, Treble 10:00.

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