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NAD: Gallien-Krueger Legacy

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mangoes, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. mangoes

    mangoes Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2019
    Montreal, QC
    My first brand-name amplifier was an Eden WT800. Living in an isolated area in Northern Canada, I had never tried a brand-name amplifier before. I bought it off someone on TalkBass in 2007. It was decently priced and it's what Incubus's original bassist, Dirk Lance, played. I never really had an opinion about the Eden. It served it's primary purpose—to be heard in the band—well and that was about it.

    I moved to Toronto the following year and have tried a number of amplifiers over the past decade. I never really had any opinion about any of them. Sure, they each had their own sound, but no brand distinguished itself from the others. Except for Markbass. I don't know what it was about Markbass amplifiers, but they just sounded dull to my ears.

    The Eden stopped working in 2015, so I did a few music stores and plugged into every amplifier they had, regardless of brand or price. There was Markbass, there was every other brand and then I plugged into a Gallien-Krueger 700RB-ii. No amplifier had spoken to me in the decade I'd been playing, but the GK just sang. I left the store with the GK.

    Fast forward to 2019, with some cash in hand, different taste in music and basses and the rise of class-D amplifiers, I decided I wanted to try something new. Everyone I followed it seemed played Markbass amplifiers: Joe Dart, Michael League and Marcus Miller, to name a few. I sold the GK and went shopping, thinking about giving Markbass another chance.

    I plugged into all the amplifiers I could find and came up with the same conclusion I did back in 2015: There was Markbass, everything else and GK. I bought a GK Fusion 550. The Fusion 550 had some issues, and rather than have a brand new discontinued amplifier repaired, I decided to order something else. Once again, I turned to TalkBass.

    Mesa. That's the amplifier du jour here on TalkBass. And I almost got caught in the groupthink blackhole that is TalkBass. I was just about to order a Mesa Subway WD-800 although Mesa amplifiers never spoke to me. Then I read someone's signature on here who said not to fall into TalkBass's groupthink blackhole and trust your own ears. It reminded me of TalkBass in the mid-00s, when new Fenders were disregarded and nobody every spoke of Ibanez and Peavy. Everyone wanted Epifani amplifiers then. Remember Thunderfunk? I really wanted one of those. I don't recall the last time I heard either of those brands being mentioned.

    I don't remember who's signature it was, but thanks to you, I trusted my ears and got a GK Legacy.


    Does it sound like the 800RB? I don't know, I never tried one. Does it do justice to the newer RB line? Of course some will say it doesn't—musicians love to claim the old stuff sounds better—but I think it does. Also, the new overdrive section is so much better than the old "boost" knob.

    It sounds like a GK and I couldn't be happier.

    Also, I'd like to give GK support a shoutout. I emailed the company on a Saturday evening about the issues with the Fusion 550 and got a response the very same day.

    When I got home with the Legacy 1200 on Friday, I opened the box and found a 220-240V power cord instead of a 100-120V power cord. I emailed GK about whether I could still use the amplifier in Canada and got a response within minutes. GK even offered to send me a 100-120V power cord.
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  2. Heavy Blue

    Heavy Blue

    Nov 11, 2017
    Prairie Canada
    Hi mangoes. Congrats on the new GK.:)

    It sounds like your tastes are similar to mine. I’ve really liked some Edens and still love my trusty Mesa WA but lately I’ve been liking the GK (and Genzler) sounds as well. Markbass also does nothing for me. No offense to Markbass owners though, love whatever works for your music.:thumbsup:

    Where in the North were you? I’m in SK atm but originally from Atlantic Canada.

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