NAD Genz Benz Contour 500 115T

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  1. EoganDubh


    Apr 3, 2014
    Harrisburg PA
    So, I've been considering an upgrade for my backup amp for smaller gigs. I have a Fender Bassman 150 112 that I like, but I've really wanted to see about a 115. After poking around, I found the threads on here regarding the Contour series and it piqued my interest. I found the link to and ordered one on "closeout" for $379 shipped. I was pretty excited until the big brown truck got here... then I got nervous.
    The box was upside down, sitting in a puddle and had holes in it. Big holes...right over the logo. I reached through and felt grill. The UPS guy shrugged, asked my last name and suggested I file a complaint (no brainer).

    I opened the box and pulled out the packing and cardboard sleeve... even that had a hole in it. I was getting worried...

    Finally got the amp out of the box and the only thing I saw was a small fingernail sized dent on the tolex. Works for me!

    I plugged it in and it sounded great! Tight and clean. Definitely hi-fi. I'm so happy I found one, and at this price its a steal! On top of that, with everything the amp's been through, it only serves to reinforce the roadworthiness of this cabinet! Kudos to Genz benz for a great product!

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  2. IconBasser

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    Congrats man! Sorry about that ding... if I were ordering something mint and it showed up with a dent, I'd be pretty pissed.
  3. TheAnalogKid

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    Dec 7, 2011
    I damn near pulled the trigger on this one about a week or two ago. I usually don't buy any gear sight-unseen unless I demo it elsewhere. That said, I think this combo is a piece of Genz history. I checked that website (they're in Brooklyn, NY) and since they do ship anywhere in the lower 48, I suppose getting to Seattle may take longer, but doable. Site also declares the item still in stock!

    Congrats on your new monolith...I mean amp. Really would like to see a good review on it! Slainte'!!

    ^ sorry, cannot figure out how to use accent marks on this forum.

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