NAD: Handbox wb-100

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  1. This beauty just arrived today from Poland. So far it has met the expectations from this thread.
    IMG20220829184010.jpg IMG20220829184035.jpg

    First Impressions: The sound is what I expected based on demos, even with the change to the midrange circuit. I find the 240/600 options for the mids pretty usable although I've only played with it for 10 minutes at home volume.
    Negatives: The fan is a little loud at home levels but probably won't be hearable at a gig even over the crowd noise so I expect it won't be a real problem.
    I'm a little concerned about the foam used to hold the power valves in but I guess it will be OK.
    Edit: Just spoke to handbox and the foam is rated for 400C so should be all fine.

    It's going to get used at band practice in a few days and then a couple of gigs on the weekend. I should have a good feel for it after then.

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