NAD/Markbass CMD Problem and Solution

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    Dec 7, 2014
    Purchased. 102p (the problem)about a month ago from GC in El Paso. Few days ago I noticed a weird clip when I popped strings and I had to bring the gain down from about 20% to 10% to use my active bass. Took her into GC for a solution along with the culprit bass and cable to i could replicate the issue with someone else. It replicated but had no consistency. Sometimes it clipped sometimes it didn't but regardless with the gain between 5-10% and master not even a quarter up it shouldn't even be happening.
    Plugged into one of the 103s (the solution) they had on the floor and there was no issue at all. Just my luck, the 103 is on sale. Ended up exchanging the 102 for the 103 and getting 227 back in store credit. Today was a good day.

    I'll add, the 102p was amazing!!! Other than whatever went wrong. The guy thinks it's something to do with the speaker. But who knows.

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