NAD: Peavey MiniMax with Phil Jones C-4 Cabinet

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  1. CostanzaWallet


    Apr 7, 2014
    After suffering three progressively worse back injuries in the last year, I decided to set my sights on a much higher power-weight ratio for my gear. My first purchase was the Phil Jones C4 cabinet, a 4x5" no-tweeter cab standing at about 14" and weighing 29 lbs and tipping the cash register at a cool $550. I knew the dimensions of the cab before I bought it, but I was still stunned at how small it was when it arrived. It sounded OK with my 1000W rack, but I didn't want to push this 400W cab too hard. Plus it looked ridiculous (19" rack on top of a 14" wide cab). I was looking at a variety of mini Class D amps, leaning towards a Genz-Benz, but also considering Tech21, Ampeg, and the Peavey MegaMax and MiniMax. Ebay knew I was looking at these models, and sent me a message one day that there was an eBay store blowing out MiniMax's for $249.95 (the lowest ANYBODY has these is $350). I figured at worst it would be a competent backup for that price. As it turns out, this combination is more than I could have imagined. Even lugging down the Peavey with an 8-ohm load (rated at 500W/4-ohms, 300W at 8-ohms) this little beast easily played with two electric guitarists using 50W tube combos and a drum kit. I mean, it wasn't even close to being over-driven or stressed in any way; Gain at like 1/4, Master at like 1/3. Seriously. For ballads, I had to actually pull down the volume on the bass. And its not just the volume; the tone of this rig was outstanding, very little tweaking of the MiniMax's straightforward EQ was required. I was really impressed at how much clearer my upper register is compared to my big stack, without ANY loss of the low end. As a matter of fact, whenever I had a choice of octaves in my bass line, I purposely went low just to prove the cabinet could handle it. Will it do a B-string, I don't know...

    While I don't really need it, I would like to purchase another C4 to allow the MiniMax to run at full wattage and to be prepared for outdoor gigs this summer.

    I never review anything until I have practiced at home with it, rehearsed with a band with it, and gigged with it, and seriously, if you are an old fart like me looking to extend your career, or if you are constantly finding yourself on tiny stages trying to squeeze in your 4x10, I urge you to consider trying this or any other similar combination of today's minituarized bass gear. You'll find you'll have more energy for the gig and you can stop looking at pick up trucks to haul your stuff!
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    Nov 15, 2008
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    I second what he said. Got the C4 last fall and ran a Little Mark Tube thru it until recently when I managed to land a PJB D-600. Yeow! What a combo. I'm also thinking of going with a second cab to be able to run the head at 450w. As it is right now though I drag this unit around on public transport and any more cabs would be self-defeating. If it weren't for that I'd go for 3 C4's and max out the head at 600w. That would be fun! :D
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    Sep 7, 2004
    If you were to compare it in simplistic output terms, would you say it could take the place of a good 1x12, 2x10, 4x10? I'm trying to re-acquire a giggable rig (small-medium bar), and have a chance to pick up a C4 and an Eden 1x12, and if the two would help me get the output I need, I'll probably jump on it.

    [ed: found this on point: NCD: Phil Jones Compact 4 but still interested in your opinion!]
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Got a Phil Jones C-4 Cabinet LITE on the way. SAY it's 21 lbs. I already have a MB NewYork 121 (33lbs) Might make for a tiny super-stack.... we'll know next week! I'll take some pictures...
  5. I've got a MiniMax coming in the mail soon, as well as a Peavey Headliner 210. I indeed bought mine for $350 though - you lucked out! Gonna be jamming in my brother-in-law's garage with that little set-up, hope I don't tick off the neighbors too badly :bassist:
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  6. himluis1


    Sep 28, 2012
    let me know about that headliner 210 , how it sounds n how it worked out 4 you , thanks