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NAD - Portaflex Clone With Some Beef

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Frankiebass59, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Frankiebass59


    Feb 1, 2008
    Hi, just wnated to share with everyone. I commissioned an all tube amp from Cliff Smith Audio out here in Oz (Kansas) and I just picked it up yesterday. It's kind of a clone of a B-15 but with more watts, like either 50 or 100 of them. The thing sounds amazing. Even though I'm fortunate enough to own a DB750 and an EVOll 500 I've been jonesing for an all tube amp. This is it, wow. Dynamics, definitiion, tubey warmth and as much grind as I like. Does it sound exactly like a B-15? No, but Cliff used the building blocks of the preamp and original specs to design the "Super" version. I wish I could provide some clips but I don't have the means. I can tell you it makes every bass in the stable shine. Some pix:

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  2. Frankiebass59


    Feb 1, 2008

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  3. username1


    Dec 28, 2005
    alberta canada
    Wow, that is beautiful! Bet it sounds great.
  4. arai

    arai Banned

    Jul 16, 2007
    Very nice
  5. TussinBot.


    Aug 21, 2010
    Burbank, Ca
    Saw this, surprised it hasnt gotten more replies. Looks beautiful. If I had an extra mic I would send it to you to record some clips.
  6. paganjack


    Dec 25, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
  7. Sweet.
    What cabinet are you using with it?

  8. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Looks really cool. TOOBZ!
  9. Looks great. Congrats.
    +1 what cab/s?
  10. christw

    christw Get low!

    May 11, 2008
    Dayton OH
    I want to be Tesla (tinkerer at Dayton Amp Co)
    Cool! If only I had one of those with four 6550's... :D
  11. SactoBass

    SactoBass There are some who call me.......Sactobass Supporting Member

    Jul 8, 2009
    Sacramento CA
    Very nice!!! :bassist:
  12. Ender_rpm


    Apr 18, 2004
    St. Louis MO
    Sweet. I really wonder why there are not more B15 pre- high power back end clones out there. I know Fargen makes them, and my EBS is pretty close, but it seems like they'd sell? Or are they one of those "Only guys who have gotten past X point in their experience curve" items?
  13. Frankiebass59


    Feb 1, 2008
    Thank you all for the kind words. YES it does sound great. I'm a lucky SOB.
    Cliff did an amazing job and his attention to detail borders on the insane, being a tech by trade I can tell you it was a privelidge having him accept the project. And my own insanity for having things done right was quenched!
    Right now I'm using it with a nearful 2x12 + 2x6. Killer, thinking of pairing it up with some sealed cabs. 2x15 maybe......

    And he will build it however you want.....
  14. Nice! I'm gonna have to come out and hear Saucy Jack so I can check out your sweet new amp!
  15. Frankiebass59


    Feb 1, 2008
    Thanks gjbassist! I only wish we used a backline! We're all FOH and in ears....:(
    However, I love for you to give me a shout and we can get together and talk bass (jeez, did I just say that!) But it would be cool to have you @ a gig. Just let me know if you plan to come by. frankiebass59@aol.com.
  16. Frankiebass59


    Feb 1, 2008
    Finally opened it up, here's what I found...
    Nice work by Cliff.

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