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  1. Recently I have been trying to enter the Class D game (see also: Re-evaluating my amplification situation ) and today I brought this little guy home (pictured sitting on top of my current rig).

    I prefer a more natural / transparent sound and this really fits the bill. Initially I was a bit skeptical about the two-knob EQ, but for electric bass guitar that's most likely all I'll ever need (I've always been a "set it flat, then cut if there's something that annoys you" kind of guy). I very easily dialed in tones I liked just using these two controls, it's surprisingly intuitive. I found it did not have a baked-in voice compared to the Mesa Subway and the GK MBs I tried before, which is a big plus for me. Both my bass guitars sound great through it (passive p-type and active HH 5-string).

    The next step for me will be to find a good, loud cab (or pair of cabs) to go along with it.

    Only downsides so far:
    • I live in an old building and I have "dirty" power. The 60-cycle hum that can be heard when I'm not making contact with my bass' strings or hardware is for some reason much, MUCH louder with the Quilter than with my PJB Suitcase. Less so with the humbucker-equipped active bass, but still louder. Not that big of an issue since these conditions hardly ever present themselves when I'm actually playing.
    • It's not "upright-ready" as-is : To make my upright sound good through it, I'll need more tone-shaping controls, so my PJB stuff is not leaving just yet. I'll have to try slapping an EQ pedal in front of it and see if I can make it work.
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    This gives me GAS. Congratulations
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    I was just following your last thread. Congrats n the purchade. It made me think that he tone bone Bassbone OD Bass Preamp and DI box might make a great preamp for this set up. You get to switch between 2 channels and with a high pass filter it is very upright friendly. Maybe mix with a genzler 12-3 or the greenboy 112. Bet that will be an awesome set up for doubling.
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  4. Thanks. Looking forward to really put this thing through its paces : My band has a rehearsal in two weeks, so I'll bring it over to the studio to drive the redonkulously huge cab that's in there. I think it's a 2 x 18''. If not, it's a 2 x 15'' for sure. I read through the 70-some page thread about this amp (about 50 of which are about the detented pots :laugh:) and thought it might be what I was looking for.
  5. Yeah, that'd be a sexy setup for sure! One of the reasons why I bought the Suitcase initially is because it has 2 channels, and I enjoyed doubling back then...but after doing it for a while it got old (you need to drag SO much STUFF!) so now I avoid it unless whoever is paying me makes me an offer I cannot refuse!