NAD - TC Electronic BAM200 - BAMM!

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  1. hotrodjohn

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    Aug 7, 2009
    8DF0CA01-E2A5-4998-BC3D-B704DDD7B3DD.jpeg DA21B0C4-5724-4B5C-A883-B8E74BDE9844.jpeg 04316DEE-E7B6-4240-AC31-DD74885E5B51.jpeg So it came in the mail today. I slid it into the pocket in my gig bag and headed out to my metal power trio rehearsal. Plugged it into my 4ohm Mesa Scout Radiator Extension cab. It held its own when turned up to about 8. 200 watts of power, felt only mildly warm, no significant fan noise. Big thumbs up! 3 year warranty, less than $150. Teeny-tiny, look how small compared to my hand. And look how it compares in size to a 200 watt amp in the background, used by prehistoric bassists. Happy customer here!
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    I had one of those Peavey heads in the early 1980s. Cost me $375, weighed a ton. Thankfully, it got stolen.
    The BAM200 is a great little amp; I love mine. I think it’s designed in Denmark and manufactured in China, BTW.
  3. hotrodjohn

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    Aug 7, 2009
    yes you are correct. designed and engineered in denmark, but manufactured in china. i edited my post. thanks