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NAD - The Mutt

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Misty Mountain, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Okay, the "new" amp came in Thursday, and got gigged Saturday. But close enough! The "mutt" is complete, and I am very happy. The head that just arrived is an ancient Peavey 400 Series Bass teamed up with an also "new" SWR Bigfoot. Amazing sounding team! I know there is a lot of Peavey hate, but this head has great EQ points and between the two channels and the graphic EQ there are enormous sound possibilities. My Cirrus got the sound I wanted with the amp set almost completely flat with just a little low boost and a little boost on the mid with the center at 150. Another bass player used it for a few tunes (a multi-musician benefit) with a nice looking Carvin neck-through, and it sounded like crap until I re-EQ'd as he just had no low-end at the settings I was using. But with a little knob twisting he was sounding great, too. I love the SWR Bigfoot, so I was pretty sure I would get good sound out of it no matter what head I got, and that proved true. So much lighter than it looks, moving it is much more fun than my old Peavey 1820 or 215. More power available than I need with my current blues outfit, so for less than $450 I got a great sound for my needs, and I know no one is going to covet my mutt to the point of trying to relieve me of possession of it when I'm not paying attention at a gig. The only downside is that the amp is slightly wider (1.5") than the cab which bugs me a little, but I'm anal like that. Until I have the funds for a VB-2, this is the rig. Now I can concentrate my GAS on PA gear.

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