NAD trigger pulled, itch scratched

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  1. Odonian


    Feb 16, 2016
    As some of yall know from my recent "maybe i'm just bored" thread, I got an avatar b212 recently and it made me want to try some different heads. After some very unsuccessful trips to music stores and pawn shops and uneventful perusing of CL I found my new buddy on the GC used website and said eff it, if I don't like it it's got a return policy. So here it is, my first ever amp that's not a Peavey.
    NAD.jpg It came yesterday while I was at work, working swing shift I couldn't turn it on last night so I set it up and tried my darndest to be able to sleep. Luckily I slept in this morning until a reasonable time to be cranking a bass amp haha. Currently running it with a little boost on both mid bands. Right now I'm liking the boost growl from the master down low and the volume high, in the last couple hours of playing with it the most satisfying sound I've had so far has been from cranking boost and input volume until it sounds like I'm running a distortion pedal and then backing off the input volume until the growlies are subtle. I'm totally open to other recommendations from experienced 400rb-IV users. It will probably be at least a week or two until I can get a chance to jam with some friends with it, who knows what'll sound best then. For now I'm back to the basement to play!!!
  2. Kro


    May 7, 2003
    New Jersey
    Looks awesome, and glad that you're enjoying exploring with it a bit!

    My only personal recommendation, that some may disagree with, is to rely more on boost and "riding the rails" by overtaxing the power section for grit than the preamp.

    IMO the preamp distortion isn't very pleasant, though it might be hidden by other grit that you have dailed in.

    I usually test out where preamp distortion starts by ear - by turning down boost, turning up my cab's horn (for some reason GK RB preamp distortion is more pronounced in the highs IME), and then starting with preamp volume at like 9:00, slowly bringing it up until it just starts to distort with heavy playing - then backing it off a hair.

    Others' experience/preference might differ, but that's what seems to work best for me when it comes to dialing in the preamp for a specific bass/input signal, using the combination of boost and master to manage overall volume. YMMV!
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  3. Odonian


    Feb 16, 2016
    Hey thats good advice, i was so excited to start playing around with the boost knob i hadnt even experimented with where the input volume starts to distort yet.
  4. two fingers

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    Feb 7, 2005
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    Yeah GK on the rails is a great tone. Give it a shot. Congrats. Those things are watt for watt the loudest amps you'll ever find.
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  5. Odonian


    Feb 16, 2016
    Ok, so I dialed in the input volume so there's no clipping there and it is a much nicer tone, got the boost quite a bit higher to get growly, the input volume distorting sounds like a very cheap pedal distortion haha. I never thought that anything could out loud an older model Peavey, but I turned the master up to maybe 9 o'clock and my shoes were vibrating like my concrete basement floor had turned into a cheap hollow plywood stage o_O:bassist:
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    Aug 7, 2005
    ec, md
    passive voice used; j/k amp looks fabulous, that rig has been used by me many times around Baltimore. Many nice beers were bought gratefully by me, for the owners of that rig.
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