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NAD: Vintage Ampeg SVT!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by cheechi, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Got myself a Magnavox era SVT. Just like my V4, it's a rounded black line panel. I'm guessing that puts it at 74 or newer? Been saving up for a Heritage SVT but saw this one come up, got some expert advice and pulled the trigger.

    When I picked it up, I played it through an SLM era 610 with the horn turned off and it was exactly what I was hoping for.

    Anyone know what the hexagon E symbol is? Unlike my V4, it's got black cloth on the front instead of the silver. From the photos I thought it was missing the grill cloth before it arrived. Is there enough info in the photos to know if this black cloth is original or at least correct? I'd like the SVT and V4 to match, it will make them sound better if they do. IMG_20180113_173402. IMG_20180113_173412. IMG_20180113_173421. IMG_20180113_173506. The place for serial number has nothing stamped in it, I'm guessing at the time the serial would have been on a sticker that's since come off? My V4 has a 'price tag' looking sticker with its serial. There is a number stamped on one of the power cord roll up leg things. Is that my serial? IMG_20180113_173547. Here is my V4 for reference.
    Other than the standby switches being in different places, the shape and placement of the lights, I'd need the help of any Ampeg experts to know more than I do now about them. Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for any more info.
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  2. No, that grille cloth isn't correct, all the 70's heads and cabs had the blue (grey, silver?) like your V4, your V4 is a late 70's. I've bought the correct grille cloth at fliptops before. That amp will last longer than you, it's a 1974-75.
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  3. Thanks! Fliptops is out of the silver cloth now, I checked there first as I assumed that was the case. I'm going to buy some feet for it too since the back feet are compressed and dry rotted more than the fronts so it sits kind of lop sided.
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  4. The feet don't last very long unless you are very careful putting them into the cups on top of the cabs. Your Ampeg insignia is also missing from the front, i have two of those and only have one insignia so they're off of both of mine, looks cleaner anyway. Actually now that i look at it it looks like a late 70's head, I thought it had black switches when i first looked at it but they're white, I think they made those from about 1976 to 1980.
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  5. so still too early for the lowercase 'ampeg' badge, this would have had the symbol insignia on it? And I guess that means the V4 would have had it also?

    I will fix the grille cloth but I'm not sure if I will spend too much money or time worrying about the insignia. If I happen to luck into two, I'll do them both. Thanks again.
  6. beans-on-toast

    beans-on-toast Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2008
    Your revision did have the badge. I like the look without it like the early SVT's.

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  7. Thanks beans. I do like yours quite a lot. But I think I agree with you about it.
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  8. beans-on-toast

    beans-on-toast Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2008
    That one isn’t mine. I have a ‘71, no badge. They are all very nice amps.
  9. Your amp looks just like my '76, right down to the wrong grill cloth. Wish I hadn't done that.

    This is what your grill and badge should look like.
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  10. When i bought my 2nd one the whole grille was missing, so I had someone make one out of wood (maybe i did, forgot) and put original grille cloth on it and you can't tell the difference, it's the one on the right. I only have one insignia so I took the other one off and they're hard to find at least they were when I was looking for one but like Beans I also like them without it, cleaner.

    double SVT.

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