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NAD: Vintage Carvin Content (long)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by twocargar, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. I’m in an 80’s hard rock & metal band with 2 guitarists and lately my trusty Carvin PB150 is barely keeping up above their Marshall 1/2 stacks. It’s pretty much set at 8/10 volume and I’ve had it since 1989, so I figured it might be time to upgrade.

    My buddy had a Carvin XB100 amp I used to play through when we jammed at his house and I loved the tone. A little gain and it was the sound I was after. I ended up buying a Sans Amp when I was in the Rush tribute band that I used with my PB150, but it wasn’t the same. When Guitar Center & Reverb had their 15 & 20% off sales this weekend, it got me thinking. I was leaning toward buying a power amp and running my Sans Amp through it into my 1x15 cab.

    Just for kicks last night, I did a search on Guitar Center for “Carvin tube amp” and a 1982 x100 came up for sale...at my local GC!! I was there at 11:30 this morning and they were busy with lines at the checkout counter and no sales floor help. Finally I asked a guy stocking the shelves if he could help me with some cables so I could give it a test drive. A few minutes later he came back and said “Yeah, so I’m a drummer so I have never idear how to hook this up, dude.”

    I got it all hooked up, I asked to plug it into a 1x15, but as soon as the tubes warmed up, it was buzzing--badly. I shut it off and checked the dials & switches and finally even tried another cab. No dice, still buzzed. When I touched the power switch the buzz went away. Dammit. No wonder they marked this thing down $200!

    Distraught, I walked around trying to see if there was anything else I might try that was in my sub $500 price range. Nope. I nearly left and noticed another instrument cable sitting on the amp next to the one I’d been using and sho’ ‘nuff it worked great. I gave it a good test drive, then walked it up to the counter so homeboy could ring me out. It was marked down to $269 in the system, so I ended up buying the GC 3 year coverage for $70 too since it’s an older amp that I have no idea of the history of it. Practice is Tuesday.
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