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  1. Scored this baby today! Don’t know much about it but couldn’t pass it up. ED460A7C-1CA0-4935-9187-DA69E18C0717.png
  2. Congratulation, that's a very nice amp and it seems to be in very good shape too. I have a VB3 and love that amp.
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  3. Thanks. It’s sat in the prior owners bass room and played at low volumes since he purchased it new in 2014! He has a brand new Reeves in its place! He wiped Armorall on the top, that’s the discoloration you see. But there is barely any dust inside. Gonna stretch her legs later this week.
  4. Very cool. Enjoy it! I bought one a few weeks ago and am having a blast at it.
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    Sub'd - Curious to see your take compared to other tube amps. I also ended up with a Reeves.
  6. It’ll sit on top of my SVTII for a comparison. I’ll follow up later in the week.
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  7. Initial impressions side by side with my SVTII are pretty impressive. The Peavey overdrive channel keeps the low eq pretty well. The clean channel seems pretty hot in a good way. Cranking the clean gain gave my P bass a really nice bite when I dug in. I need to spend more time with it to round it out a bit to suit my taste, but I like that it needs a little taming than the other way so far. I like my SVTII better, but I can't get the SVTII to break up much at all. The closest I can get is to engage the graphic eq & crank the eq level. Back at it tonight!
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    Nice score! Those are impressive
  9. Be very careful doing that. If you forget which amp you used last and get it wrong you'll be toasting the output transformer while wondering why no sound is coming out.
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  10. Good looking out, thank you. I actually just packed up the SVTII so I can concentrate on the VB-2.
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    Love my VB-2, great amp!
    If you get a chance to drive a good 2x15 (or 2) with it, do it, you can thank me later. :D
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    Hi Raul :)

    Nice amp! Congrats! :hyper::hyper::hyper:

    The ultimate A/B test:

    Just plug both of them into the same cab and see which one burns first! :laugh:

    may the bass be with you

  13. Thanks. Ha! Tempting but....
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    Oct 5, 2010
    Nice pickup!
  15. Reading through some of the VB-2 threads here on TB, I set the master around 8 and the gain at 2, opposite of the way I had it. WOW, this amp came to life and delivered amazing & strong tone on a velvet pillow! So much tubey goodness in this amp. Final verdict; @ almost $1000 less than what I paid for my SVTII, the VB-2 is on par in tone & performance and exceeds in value.

    21D29F9D-B179-4974-9789-D4E46BEB55B4.png 46155439-91CB-4A1F-8E3F-0B586E41651F.jpeg
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    Your Precision seems to have worn out it’s frets!! LOL :)
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