Nady 201 VHF wireless

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  1. hey guys, I found one of these in a second hand shop for $125 AUD. i need to know a few things

    1) will it work for my bass (4 string samick)
    2) where is the on off switch?
    3) is the red LED on the trasmitter spose to flash or be a steady red
    4) is it worth getting it

    hope use can help

  2. JMX

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    I used it pretty often in the past.
    It sounded ok to me, but it drains batteries pretty quickly.

    When the LED on the transmitter glows, your battery is empty. It's off when the battery is ok, the unit flashes one time when you turn it on (switch is next to the LED).
    I haven't used it in a while, but I liked it.
  3. ok so it was the reciver stuffing up

    tah dude

    the units are with a technictian now getting fixed hopfully!!

  4. I just sold one recently. I got four gigs from an alkaline battery, but it does colour the sound a little. I've gone back to using a cable 'cos I think it sounds better.
  5. Count Bassie

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    Jun 10, 2006
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    On the reciever the on/off switch is a pressure-sensitive "membrane" switch. Push where it says Power.

    The LED on the transmitter should flash on once and then go out. If it stays on you need a new 9v battery.

    I just got one for $50.00, and haven't tried it yet. But you can get them for less that $125.00, it appears. There's one on CL for $75.00. Google "Nady 201 VHF Wireless"...

    Sorry, I didn't realize I wasn't the first answer! Uuuuhhhh-Duuuhhhh!! :D