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  1. deeptubes


    Feb 21, 2011
    Ok guys, fess up. Who wears nail polish? I do.

    I don't have my nails done professionally or wear colors, and I don't do them myself. Just a clear coat with silver sparkles. My daughter is 3. She loves to paint my nails, fingers and toes. So, I let her do them with the clear sparkle. And, I wear it with pride - a badge of honor. Typically when people notice, they know what's up. "You have a daughter, don't you?" One time, I was asked if my granddaughter did them. :spit: Once in a while, someone will see them and give me a puzzled look. "I have a 3 year old little girl." "Got it. Figured there was a reason." Most ladies think it is beyond cool. "Oh my gosh. You are AWESOME!!" As an electrician, the fingers are usually gone in about a week and a half, but the toes stay pristine for extended periods. It's just about flipflop/sandal season, so I'll be regularly showing off the toes soon.

    So how about it, anyone else?
  2. My daughter is now 12, 13 in a month. I gotta say. I miss those days.

    She used to do my nails & my hair. I went out in public that way. People would look or ask, and I would just say "I have a daughter." That quickly divided the world into those who understood, and I cared about, and those who did not understand, and that I did not care about.

    You are doing your daughter more good than you understand, at least for now. Some day it will hit you. And you will smile.

    Give her a hug from a dad who understands.

  3. TBird1958

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    Mar 13, 2008
    Seattle Washington
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    Sure, I do!

    It's a lot of work but occasionally when I'm getting ready for a show I'll do them - tho playing the bass wrecks polish pretty fast. Sometimes when I get my haircut I'll have my nails done with some clear gloss along with a manicure - which is a good thing, bassists should take good care of their hands.
  4. Milk


    Sep 16, 2013
    Montreal, Canada gf likes to occasionally do my toenails for no good reason whatsoever. I don't care cause while i do go barefoot in the house, outside of the comfort of home, no one ever gets to see my toes. Its surprising how long this stuff stays on if you don't take it off with remover though... like months. Of course most will chip but some will stay.
  5. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    I clip my nails whilst making a bowel movement every week and a half or so. That's the extent or my nail care.
  6. hover


    Oct 4, 2008
    Used to do them black. All on my own. Waaay back when, my daughter didn't ever paint my nails, but she used to "do my hair". And you're damn right I went out with it just the way she did it.
  7. BigDanT

    BigDanT Supporting Member

    Aug 26, 2011
    I have two daughters. The youngest is going on 17 and I can't count how many times I:

    Had my nails painted
    Had my hair styled
    Had makeovers
    Wore jewelry
    Played Prince Erik or Beast or Captain Hook
    Went swimming when it was too cold
    Went hiking when it was too hot
    Ate pieces of bread sprinkled with coffee and powdered sugar that were made just for me
    Ate special bowls of soup made just for me made from every ingredient in the refrigerator
    Danced in the middle of the living room
    "Talked" various stuffed animals
    Invented bedtime stories about princesses or puppies
    Hid buried treasure in the backyard
    Dug holes to nowhere
    Walked with them on my shoulders
    Dressed as a pirate
    Played crazy cart in the grocery store
    Pretended that we could change the color of stop lights, open grocery store doors or turn the radio station by using magic!

    I don't know that I always felt this way at the time, but looking back I could care less what anyone thought about what I did or how I acted except my girls!

    So have fun and enjoy those years they are among the best you'll ever have.:D
  8. ()smoke()


    Feb 25, 2006
    life is wonderful when you love someone and feel loved. great post man, great post
  9. BBox Bass

    BBox Bass Supporting Member

    Apr 2, 2011
    NW Pennsylvania
    I'm hard on my hands and seldom wear nail polish, but own a lot of it for a practical reason: It's great for touching up instruments. I have several basses in odd colors and have been able to find nail polish to match most of them.
  10. These posts posts bring back a lot of memories. Now I have granddaughters and it's like deja vu all over again. The really funny thing is their mother is giving them ideas but they manage to think up new things on their own too. :)
  11. wednesdayagain


    Sep 28, 2012
    Yeah I like painting my nails. Unfortunately, they look better long, but keeping them short makes playing bass easier, so I don't do it too often.

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  12. GKon

    GKon Supporting Member, Boom-Chicka-Boom

    Feb 17, 2013
    Queens, NY
    When I was a younger guy and more outwardly punk (now I'm more inwardly punk :) )
    I used to constantly paint my fingernails either black, or this bright, puke green.

    Also, as a younger man, when I was a competitive Muay Thai fighter, I'd paint my toenails black, because it would mess with the psychology of my opponent being that it was something very uncommon to do. They'd see my foot coming their way to land a kick, and then this momentary ***?! look on their face when they'd notice the black polish :D

    Ah, the good ol' days.
  13. Tituscrow

    Tituscrow Banned

    Feb 14, 2011
    NW England
    I've lost count of the number of times I've been out and about with a glittery pinky.
  14. -Asdfgh-


    Apr 13, 2010
    Years ago I used to strum guitar without a pick and it tended to wear out specific parts of my nails, so I used to use nail varnish as a sacrificial layer on the strumming hand only.
  15. 6jase5

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    Dec 17, 2007
    San Diego/LA
    My 3 year old daughter..."Colored nails is only for girls....and should like trucks."
  16. Darth Handsome

    Darth Handsome Banned

    Oct 1, 2010
    What a bunch of fancy boys.
  17. TBird1958

    TBird1958 As a matter of fact....I am your Queen! Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2008
    Seattle Washington
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    I'm a Nancy Boy :D
  18. Darth Handsome

    Darth Handsome Banned

    Oct 1, 2010
    I'd hit it.
  19. I started painting my toenails in Iraq, first as a dare, then just to freak people out. When I got back to Hawaii after that tour, I found a color that matched my motorcycle so I figured I had a manly enough reason to do it and it still freaked people out. I don't wear flip-flops nearly enough to justify doing it nowadays, but it was fun while it lasted.

  20. edpal

    edpal Banned

    Oct 3, 2007
    My fingernails always get painted for gigs...started doing that back in '80s while in an Alice Cooper tribute band. Sparkles look awesome under lights. My wife recently got some little LED finger rings for the kids in her classroom.....I appropriated one of each color :D Bet my guitarist will hate them - Mr. Conservative!:spit:

    I do the clear-coat sometimes to stabilize a cracked nail and then give it a quick swipe with a sanding pad to take the shine away. I only do the shine and sparkle for entertainment purposes, I don't have the time, lifestyle or interest to keep that up on a daily basis.