Name for Muted Slap

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  1. OK people, I thought I'd put this one out there to you all. I'm about to record a new slap video lesson on the popular muted palm slap and I'm wondering what the general consensus is regarding the name of the technique?

    I usually call it a muted palm slap and I've seen people use other terms like 'left hand slap' so what do you guys think is the most common term?

    I say this because one of the problems with doing instructional videos online is the diversity of terms. The American/European difference between quarter notes/eight notes and crotchets/quavers is a prime example. I'd never needed to use the terms 8th or 16th note until I started doing stuff on an international basis.
    I know there is no definitive term for the muted palm slap and no governing bodies that regulate this stuff but it would be useful to know the most common term.
    Just in case there's any confusion as to what I'm talking about, it's the left hand (fretting hand) slap down onto the fretboard we use to make a dull thud or ghost note without the use of the slapping thumb or fingers. Love Games by Level 42 is a perfect example as are the machine gun triplet fills I demonstrate in my Slap Fills lesson :

    So, what are your thoughts?

  2. Yeah man. The Fender kicks ass for slap tone (even though my strings were dead). Gonna use the Ibanez for the next one though because I'll be doing some fast stuff and the Fender is a bit of a battle axe. You can see me gritting my teeth on the fast triplets in that video whereas I can play them MUCH quicker and for MUCH longer on the Ibanez. Plus my chops aren't up to scratch at the moment. I recorded that last video at the end of a 4 month stint of playing 4-5 sets per night, 6 nights per week. Been gigging much less in these last few months.

    As for the Left Hand Slap term. I've seen that used a lot but I always try to avoid Left hand or Right Hand terms. I much prefer fretting hand and picking hand to avoid confusion with southpaw's. I know that's playing to the minority but I'm sure I have OCD's when it comes to this stuff.

    Plus Left Hand Slap gives the impression of a left hand slap like a right hand slap (to the uninitiated). I like to indicate the ghost note aspect.

    However, if that's the most common term then that's what I'll go with. Maybe there isn't a common, established term and I (or talkbass in general) can come up with one. I kind of did the same thing with the tri shape system idea you've probably seen on my scale lessons.

    I'm gonna record the lesson tomorrow so any input is welcome.