NAMM 2017 effects rumors?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by bass.slinger, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. bass.slinger

    bass.slinger Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 15, 2015
    Santa Fe, NM
    What have you heard?
  2. LSMFT6

    LSMFT6 We brake for nobody Supporting Member

    Aug 16, 2006
    New Empress delay
  3. millahh


    Sep 20, 2005
    New Darkglass distortion (Jon Stockman)
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  4. rratajski

    rratajski Commercial User

    Jul 1, 2008
    Mount Laurel, NJ
    Anyone heard any Earthquaker rumors?

    I know of Electro-Faustus and Dwarfcraft releases.
  5. Ethan117

    Ethan117 My instrument makes people jiggle. Supporting Member

    Jun 10, 2014
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  6. Yeah I've heard darkglass is making a signature distortion. Im interested to hear it but I don't know if I need another dirt pedal lol. I already have a b7k ultra and a duality and love them.

    I'm really curious to see if any new octaves, delays, reverbs, and loopers get my attention.

    seems like its about time for a lot of companies to update their lineup. I know a few companies recently came out with new tech to base newer pedals on. Like mxr releasing their reverb which was kind of shocking considering they've typically been all about analog pedals.

    Id also love to see a pedal that makes your bass sound like a cello. Hoping the mel9 was successful enough that some companies will try to do something similar. Maybe some company like korg or someone will make compact sample based pedal with some awesome string and pad sounds.

    Digitech and earthquacker have been pretty creative the last couple years so I'm interested to see what they do.

    Also curious is strymon does something new. Maybe an update on the blue sky. As great as it sounds a lot of pedals have come out since then. For example the shimmer on the Eterna gold seems to react lot faster than the
  7. crguti


    Feb 14, 2011
    I would like to see the Boss LS-2 Line Selector with Midi. That would be f*cking cooooool. naughty.gif

    edit: I would be awesome if it can also set a x-over in both loops.
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  8. bass.slinger

    bass.slinger Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 15, 2015
    Santa Fe, NM
    I would like to see an improved Boss SY-300.
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  9. Blaargh


    Apr 4, 2016
    The 20 Effects Brands to Watch in 2017

    Most manufacturers are being pretty tight-lipped. That said- Time based modulation weirdness from EQD sounds cool. A lot of manufacturers seem to be saying they're bringing out weirdo pedals next year, I'm pretty excited to see what we get.
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  10. Driven Crane

    Driven Crane

    May 30, 2014
    Analog Processors for Distortions, Fuzzes, Overdrive, Boosters etc. from EHX?
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  11. mmbongo

    mmbongo I have too many basses. Supporting Member

    Hopefully the cardboard people will be debuting a whole new line of pedal boxes!
  12. bass08053

    bass08053 Supporting Member

    May 8, 2008
    New Jersey
    I know there is something coming from Way Huge. They've been teasing for a while. There is most certainly a new Swollen Pickle coming.

    One can hope for a Piercing Moose MKii. I never got to try the original. Would love to compare to my Cloven Hoof Reaper.
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  13. Jonny5bass


    May 3, 2011
    Seattle, WA
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  14. I would love to see a new bass multi from Zoom or Boss or Digitech or anyone really.
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  15. winterburn69


    Jan 27, 2008
    I'd love a Piercing Moose Mk II!

    I think it'll be a new Swollen Pickle and a new Red Llama. Both of those will be pre-ordered ASAP.

    I wonder what (or if) Malekko's new offerings will be. Maybe they're finally close to releasing the Combover?
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  16. Crystalman85


    Nov 30, 2008
    Chicago, Il.
    So would I. I think digitech is due for a new bass multi-effects processor. I also would like to see if rocktron would come out with new utopias. that would be cool. I did like the modulation effects on those multi-effects processors.
  17. crguti


    Feb 14, 2011
    What kind of new swollen pickle? There're already the dirty donny edition and the mk2s variant.
  18. I predict a bunch of phone/bluetooth connected pedals will be announced.
  19. NoxNoctus

    NoxNoctus The Crushinator

    May 9, 2004
    Annapolis, MD
    No such thing as too much dirt!

    This is an instant, day-1 purchase for me without a doubt.
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  20. I've heard that Tech 21 will be coming out with a line of bass pedals that will require the use of heavy amps? Avecamp?

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