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SOLD Nash JB-63 Sunburst - $1399 shipped in NA

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by blindrabbit, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Price:
    I picked this up in a trade recently, and it is a mighty impressive instrument. The unplugged resonance on this thing is ridiculous, and the plugged in sound is just as incredible. I've not had a Nash before, but I've had and played a number of jazzes, and this is without a doubt the best of any I've ever come across. It clearly pounds the snot out of any Fender I've every tried. However, for tax and other reasons, I'm in need of liquidating some of my stash right now, and this is one of the instruments that has to go.

    This instrument has the "light" aging on it, and IMO it is a nice, tasteful job, much like Fender's Road Worn instruments, but better. :) The pickups are reportedly Lollars (according to the fellow who swapped it to me, and he's a tech as well as friend, so I don't have any reason to doubt him), and as I said above they sound incredible. They have been ever so slightly shimmed underneath the pickup covers so that the poles don't stick out above them, which is a great thing for guys like me who play with a hard and aggressive attack. The bass weighs 9.4 lbs, and feels nicely balanced. It comes with the Nash hardshell case which is in immaculate condition.

    Here are some other details about the bass that I've taken off of the Nash site:

    -Ash or Alder contoured body
    -3 ply tort pickguard
    -Rosewood neck, "C" profile
    -20 fret, 10" radius, with 6105 frets
    -1 1/2" Graphtech self lubricating tusq nut
    -Lollar pickups
    -250K CTS pots and Sprague Orange Drop capacitors
    -Traditional bridge with adjustable steel saddles

    I'm asking $1399 USD obo for this, and that is shipped to anywhere in North America (US or Canada), payment by PayPal (or EMT if you are in Canada). Please note that because this is a US made instrument, you won't have to pay any duty on it if it was to go back to the US (nor will Canadians because it is already here, and thanks to NAFTA). I'm open to shipping international, but please PM me to discuss that if you are interested. I'm not really looking for trades on this one, unless it is something that really tickles my fancy, or it is something that I could flip quickly, but in either case it would probably have to be plus some cash on your end as I've got bills that need paying. Again, feel free to PM with offers, worst that could happen is that I'll say no. Finally, any questions, PM me and I'll do my best to answer them.

    IMG_0646.JPG IMG_0647.JPG IMG_0648.JPG IMG_0649.JPG IMG_0650.JPG IMG_0651.JPG IMG_0652.JPG
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  3. Wow, that was fast - She's GONE!!!

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