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    What can I say, I am not a P kind of guy. This thing is spectacular in every way, but I keep going back to my J's. The neck is super comfortable, has that worn in feel for which Nash guitars are known. This is an older one that has the Fender decal. It is not a waterslide decal, so not easily replaced. I talked to Bill Nash about it as I would have rather had the Nash decal, he will replace the decal and fix the lacquer on the headstock for no charge. All you have to do is send the neck to him. People get all hung up on the relic thing, but the second you pull this thing out of the case, it is the center of attention. Very cool and in my opinion, very realistic. Oh, I should add that I stole the pictures from the seller that I got it from and that the color of this thing is so much deeper and richer IRL. Includes OHSC. No scale, but it weighs about the same as another bass I have that I know weighs 8 pounds 10 ounces. 1.6" nut width.

    I would consider trades for a Rick 4003, MM Stingray Special or a Nash J in any other color than 3TSB. Beyond that, it is going to take something really unique.

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    Only interested in 4 strings? Or 5’er’s too?
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    For the trades listed, 4’s only. I might take a really special 5.
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    Ash or alder?
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  7. What pickups are in this bass and do you know the year built?
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    Any chance you would be interested in a loprinzi Jazz 4 ? I have it listed in the classifieds if you want to check it out .
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    Dimarzio, 2006 I believe.