Nate Navarro Releases Instructional Bass Book, BASS 4-String Etudes, Riffs, Songs & Exercises

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    Nate Navarro has released the instructional bass guitar book, BASS 4-String Etudes, Riffs, Songs & Exercises (Demo Video), which takes an expansive approach to lessons in technique, music theory, and creativity, with regard to the beginning bassist, the highly advanced, and beyond. This book includes hours of video lessons, play-alongs, close-up demonstrations, audio examples, bassless backing tracks to jam along with, and Guitar Pro files for additional practice. Links and QR codes for related materials are listed at the top of every section within the 156-page book. Both TAB and Sheet Music are provided for every example.

    Topics covered within the book include...

    BEGINNER Lessons

    • The Parts of the Bass • How to Hold the Bass • Tuning
    • Intro to Fingerstyle
    • How to Read Tabs
    • Intro to Slap Beginner Riffs & Etudes
    • Finger Independence Part 1
    • Finger Independence Part 2 Online Learning Materials
    ...and More!


    • How to Write a Bass Line • Harmonic Inversion
    • Modal Interchange
    • Syncopation
    • Embellishment
    • Passing Diminished Chords • Double Thumb
    • Sweep Picking
    • Four Finger Picking
    Moderate to Advanced Riffs, Exercises, Songs, Online Learning Materials, & More!

    BASS 4-String Etudes, Riffs, Songs & Exercises is available as an eBook and Paperback.
    Paperback (outside of USA): Go to your country's Amazon web-store and search "Nate Navarro Bass Book."

    Nate Navarro Bass Book - Front Cover V3.png
    Nate Navarro Bass Book - Back Cover.png

    Nate Navarro is an in-demand touring and session bassist who has recorded with multi-platinum producers, toured over 20 countries, and played on albums with musicians including Devin Townsend, Steve Vai, Marko Minnemann, Mike Keneally, Morgan Ågren, Chad Kroeger, Felix Martin, Samus Paulicelli, Anup Sastry, and many others. He is a Berklee College of Music graduate, educator, and content creator living in Boston, Massachusetts. You can find him at where he has over 240k subscribers, 58+ million views, and over 100 million views across multiple channels. Nate has worked as an artist and demonstrator with Fender, Peavey, Spector, NS Design, Kiesel, Dingwall, Mayones, PRS, ESP, Genzler Amplification, Harley Benton, Darkglass Electronics, Source Audio, D’Addarío, Electro-Harmonix, and many others.

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    Feb 8, 2015
    Man, how are u?, i bought your book last month but i only recived 3 songs and 1 book of how to use the book i didnt recived, i watch again what i should recived and is almost nothing, should be a mistake, i came here to ask if could u send me again the material, my email: [email protected]
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    Jun 27, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Hey, Ivan! Thank you for purchasing my book, and so sorry about the issue. I've sent an email your way so we can get it figured out. Feel free to join the "Nate Navarro Talk Bass" thread if you like, I frequent that one much more often. :)