Nathan East BBNE2. Gold Hardware... UGH....

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  1. antnebass

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    Feb 20, 2008
    Just ordered a nathan east 5 string.. This is the second one I've had. This is bass IMHO is the best value in a high end 5er. Sound pickups. Spacing. Preamp and build quality...The one problem I have is the gold hardware ...and maybe the finish on the back of the neck. But I can live with that I think...I've searched high and low and can't find who makes this bridge and hardware .. I'm thinking of having it powder coated.
    Any thoughts or maybe someone know where yamaha gets the hardware... I called and asked if the would help me with black they said no.. Lol. I even asked Nathan for some assistance.. He said they wouldn't do it for him either Love this bass hate the gold ...any ideas? ImageUploadedByTalkBass1396442996.625843.
  2. Matthew_84


    Nov 7, 2010
    This may not interest you, but I know there was another version, which was the famous all white version, but instead with all black hardware. Though, it may have been a limited addition, or someone may have retrofitted several of them with black hardware and they were not official Yamaha releases. Search around for those, maybe you can track where that hardware came from.

    The tuners look like standard GB7's to me, though I'm not sure on the diameter of the posts, and the knobs will be an easy swap. I've seen lots of those style of bridges before, but they may not be the exact same ones.
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    Mar 19, 2012
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    infact, normally tunin' pegs on this and on John Patitucci's 6er come in pearlish white

    but on this sparklin' silver all comes in black

    anyway, as already stated, I really tend to think the monorail bridge (with onboard piezo) to be the hardest part to replace.

    great bass by the way

  4. antnebass

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    Feb 20, 2008
    The pewter one was a limited run of 50.... I have seen white ones with black hardware ... And as far as a pezio.. It's not on a East bass at least not this model.... Thanks guys !
  5. RichSnyder

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    Jun 19, 2003
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    Just saw Nathan East at a Guitar Center clinic last night. I've always appreciated his musicianship, but now I know he's a pretty cool dude too. He'll be at a few more GCs through April and May. Don't miss it if you're near:
  6. Modulus1906


    May 5, 2009
    I have two of these wonderful basses (both in black), with one of them tagged for a "witness protection" transformation very soon. Like you, I generally prefer black hardware, although I can tolerate gold hardware on basses with nice, dark wood grain, particularly with dark reddish-brown wood tones.

    At one point, I went on a quest to determine my options for replacing those individual bridge pieces on the BBNE2, but my motivation was a bit different. My obsession was more with whether the bridge pieces were diecast zinc or brass, so I went on a quest to determine that, since my experience with replacing a diecast zinc bridge with a brass bridge on a Korean Spector bass I have made me go, "WOW".

    I learned a couple of things from my research, which led me to contact Yamaha directly. First, the quality of those bridge pieces on the BBNE2 is undeniable. According to Yamaha, these are solid brass pieces (surprised me actually). I confirmed this by sanding thru the gold finish of a very small, unseen area on the underside of one of the bridge pieces. You could actually see the brass coloring thru the sanded area versus what would have been a more grayish/gunmetal coloring that is associated with diecast zinc metal. Second, these individual pieces are very expensive to replace as they are $200/piece, so that's $1,000 if you ever had to replace all five pieces!!.

    After learning that these pieces are actually brass, I was completely satisfied, and no longer felt that I wanted to replace them, despite that I really do wish they were black. I also have an Ibanez SR5006 Prestige 6 string bass (a great, well constructed bass as well) that has individual bridge pieces as well; however, Yamaha did a much better job, i.e., much higher quality, implementing the individual bridge pieces on the BBNE2 than Ibanez did with the 5006 Prestige bass. The pieces on the Ibanez bass are die-cast zinc, so they have to go ASAP. I'm working with Hipshot on a custom 1-piece brass bridge for the SR 5006, but I do not feel a need to do the same for the Yamaha bass. A truly underrated bass!! Hope that helps. Thanks
  7. Gizmot

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    Mar 22, 2009
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    I'm a big fan of Nathan's. Last weekend I was listening to the latest Fourplay record and was blown away by his sound. So - I'd consider one of those Yammy basses if I was in the market.
  8. distortion81


    Oct 24, 2014
    Digging out this old thread because i hope someone with similar experience can share what can resolve this issue....

    I would replace these expensive monorails on my bbne2 in a heartbeat if a direct replacement like babicz is available. There is some SERIOUS string rattles against the bridge saddles for these bridges. The string have to be in THAT specific angle and height for it not to rattle, it reacts to string tension too. These renders any adjustment of your sting height to your taste impossible without those rattles which occurs easily on the D,A,E strings. sometimes the B will have it. I am at mercy of string tension too which varies as the days past. I have similar experience on other bbne2 too. If direct replacement is not possible, i would route the bridge area and do a hipshot A or B style bridge.This bridge issue is my only bitch about this bass. the rest are PERFECT. I love yamaha basses nevertheless :)
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