Natural poly finish wear

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    Forgive me if this has been discussed, I couldn't find any specific info on this, or if this is a stupid newbie type question...

    I understand that poly coated guitars have a much more durable finish than nitro. I'm not sure when Fender made the switch, but I understand it was sometime shortly after the CBS takeover (?)

    I'm curious about the supposedly poly finished basses that seem to have the same wear in the finish as older nitro coated guitars - I've seen a few examples lately, such as early 80s Fullerton and Japanese Fenders - big wear spots in the finish.

    I've also seen some 90s era, and maybe even 2000s era, EBMM basses with major finish wear. I personally own a '96 EBMM (that I bought new) which I gigged heavily - and I consider it a players bass because I didn't exactly take pristine care of it. It's showing no signs of finish wear except for a few tiny "ding" spots - but nothing like a huge area where a finger of an arm wore the finish down.

    Maybe this has something to do with exposure to the sun, or bright stage lights? Or possible that people just relic them intentionally?

    I also just played a gig with a guy who had a pre-production '54 strat. It made the rounds before it got to him, to say the least, and I was surprised by how good the finish looked - its the original finish, and had some wear spots, but nothing along the lines of the bass of doom, for example.

    Just curious, thanks!
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    My '72 and '74 P Basses have some nice poly finish wear, but it takes time and use for sure. For the past 43 years I've played as many as 275 gigs a year and as little as 175. That WILL put some wear on a bass... ;-)
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