Naughty boys!!

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  1. What we used to do to relieve boredom years ago!! Are you young guys far too serious to do anything like this?

    Pencil marks on finger boards are useful but a bit dangerous in an orchestra with a section of practical jokers! We once spotted someone marking his fingerboard in thumb position with a note for a loud exposed entry. When he wasn't looking we moved the pencil mark!

    Some other stunts were
    - pulling out or putting in the end pin, or tuning up or down a string while a player excused themselves for a comfort stop. Low C was always a prime target.
    - if the bow was tucked under the E string undo the frog, wrap the hair around the string and do up the frog again
    - if the bow was resting in the bridge during a long rest remove it carefully while the player wasn't looking and tuck it under another's E string
    - if someone took off their shoes, subtract one quietly and pass it around the orchestra
    - a brass practice mute dropped "by accident" at precisely the right moment

    A definition of a "S#%t Sandwich" - a program containing an Australian contemporary piece wedged between two old European master works, definitely a trigger for the above behaviour!



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