NBA ALL Star game/entertainment

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    Did anyone else watch the All Star Game?
    First of all Fergie singing the National Anthem. Really? I thought it as terrible. She did show some class by apologizing for her performance afterwards.
    Kevin Hart had his moments and I also enjoyed LeBron giving him the stank eye as he walked off the stage. At least, that is what it looked like to me. Did anyone else notice that? Some of the music and dancing was really good and some not so much. I really like the guys and gals breaking down and flipping around the stage.
    Don't know all the singers but one guy should not have been singing hip hop, I thought he was terrible.Queen Latifah looked like she didn't know what to do.
    Some of the discussions they aired about social justice were intelligent and interesting, I enjoyed those. I agree with Charles Barkley about posting on social media. If you do be prepared to be trolled by idiots. Talkbass is one exception to that. That is why I get on Facebook about once every three months and have un-friended a number of people.
    Was there some sort of game played too? :D I enjoyed it. NBA pros are artists, and am amazed at some of the things they do.