NBA - Grade A Premium Ibanez Dark Woody Goodness!

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  1. Hey, I thin this is the first time I've posted a NBD on here. I've got a few minutes while I wait for the lemon oil to soak into the fingerboard so...

    While browsing at a Guitar Center a couple weeks ago I found this Ibanez SR1206e for a below anything I've ever seen them go for price. It weighed on me for a week and I went down to check it out and see about trading in an old guitar. Unfortunately, i was running late and didn't have time to do the deal, so I put it on layaway.

    Well, I picked her up yesterday and can't stop playing! So far everything is pretty amazing (the setup was very bad, but surprisingly easy to sort out).

    So far I've had 3 different sets of strings on it and am currently trying some light gauge Sunbeams which are in the ballpark, but not quite what I want.

    So... On to the pics since the fingerboard is ready and I'd like to play for a while tonight...

    1018161520.jpg 1018161520a.jpg
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  2. Dominick C.

    Dominick C.

    Jul 2, 2012
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    I don't like mean people or mean comments....
    It's dribbling goodness.....

    "NBA - Grade A Premium Ibanez Dark Woody Goodness!"
  3. Sid the Kid

    Sid the Kid

    Jun 7, 2013
    Nice bass!
  4. Thanks!

    It seems I was so excited that I didn't realize autocorrect turned this into a basketball thread...
  5. Tiger... - great bass. Boutique bass for a, decidedly, non-boutique price. I'm a big Ibanez fan. Congrats on your new six-string.
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  6. Bass_Thumper


    Oct 20, 2009
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    Congrats. I've got one just like and it's just a killer bass on all levels. IMHO, the premiums are the very best value out there. You just get so much more than you pay for.
  7. I wouldn't have believed this before, but it really is true. The small details like the inserts for the control cavity screws and the super smooth and easy to adjust truss rod and the really fine fretwork make it such a great instrument. Then there's the tone and playability. It definitely wows me every time I pick it up.
  8. That looks to be a very nice bass, very pretty top. FYI, you can go in and correct your thread title.