NBD: £200 RedSub Coliseum Fanned-Fret Singlecut 6-String

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  1. Took a punt on this two days ago on eBay when a B-stock came up for £200... figured there wasn’t much to lose at that price point.

    Here she is next to my Dingwall Super P5:


    My initial impression is that it’s insane how they are selling these for £299. This one at £200 is probably as many as many features as I’ve seen on any bass for the money:

    - burl laminate top

    - roasted maple neck and bound fingerboard

    - multiscale: 34” high G and 36.25” low B

    - LumInlay side markers

    - 3-band pre, EMG45 sized pickups

    - monorail bridges

    - Gotoh-style tuners

    - Black hardware

    - red / purple burst, with matching headstock

    Now obviously this isn’t a Dingwall, and there are compromises. For a start, it’s not perfectly balanced: the strap button near the neck is only around the 15th fret, and on a 6-string that makes it slightly neck heavy. I think I’ll put Dunlop Dual Design Straploks on which will extend it a centimetre or do - I might also toy with an inset one on the back like Dingwall do with their D-Bird / D-Roc models.

    The back of the neck on this one is painted, and there are dust bits in the paint which you can feel with your fingers. Given that it’s a roasted maple neck, I think I’m going to give burnishing a go.


    The bridge alignment is a bit of a mess - the monorails are not in line with the strings, and one of the saddles has almost fallen over. The saddle was easily fixed when I did the alignment - I will probably redrill for the bridge at some point, and possibly replace with gold ones if I end up liking this bass enough to keep it.



    There were some marks along both edges of thefingerboard - these were easily removed with a damp microfibre cloth, but seems strange to have them there. Some of the fret ends are a little sharp - again if I end up liking this, I may have them dressed properly.


    There is buffing compound dust in the neck bolt holes - again easily fixed, but perhaps where they managed to cut corners a little.


    On the listing, it cited to areas of damage: the gap between the nut and the neck, and a dents in the neck close to the heel. Both relatively minor and easily fixed.



    The truss rod relief was perfect, and surprisingly the nut slots were at the perfect height, but the bridge action was all over the place so I’ve given it a quick height andintonation set, and I have to say it plays very nicely. One or two slightly high frets preventing super-low action, but works well for my preferred setup and comfortable to play fingerstyle or slapped with the stock D’Addarios.

    The pickups aren’t anything particularly exciting, and the electronics aren’t exactly silent, but it sounds very passable... and for perspective, the Sadowsky preamp in my Dingwall cost me more than this entire instrument shipped.

    Going to live with it for a while, and then might try some of the fettling mentioned above. I have the EMG45s and EMG pre that came with my Shuker, so those could potentially go in this; the Shuker could then take the Glockenklang that came with my Sadowsky, and the Sadowsky could have its original Sadowsky pre put back in.


    In conclusion: I honestly can’t believe this thing cost me £200. It’s a very acceptable instrument as it is, and a little bit of work and parts I mostly already have, this could be an absolutely killer bass for under £400 that wouldprobably cost 8-10x that if ordered from a custom builder.


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    it sure is a looker! it's cool that you can do some of your own work. congratulations on your new instrument! :thumbsup:
  3. After a couple months, is it still holding up to your initial impressions? How's the weight? :)
  4. That is indeed an amazing price, and great even just for a starting point for modification.
    I wonder if the "fanned fret" "multiscale" and "singlecut" trends have kind of run their course and knockoff-factories aren't moving inventory as quick as they hoped.
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    Jun 16, 2020
    Congrats on your new bass. I know its sub 200 bux, but c'mon. That saddle alignment is borderline criminal.