NBD - “Vintage” Kay Starter series; need help dating her

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    Mar 23, 2017
    I recently acquired a Kay Starter Series bass. It’s a short scale with a p bass split coil in it. It was basically left upon my doorstep and I was hoping you all might be able to tell me something about it.

    My main questions are:
    Is the fingerboard rosewood or something I don’t know about?
    Are the electronics original (and should I even care whether they are or not)?
    Does anyone know how “vintage” this bass actually is?
    Any other cool info you might be able to provide would be welcomed.

    One other thing there’s a giant crack in the neck where the fingerboard is coming off (see photos). Any advice on how to repair it/is it repairable? I was going to use gorilla glue....

    96AB5F06-63B0-4AAD-8A81-066E0148B8A7.jpeg C08C97E2-B5A2-4DBE-8158-1BD7D0DAE802.jpeg E98DF726-84AA-4F4D-8014-0CF4742E3D04.jpeg 543AC6C6-188B-4F52-A31F-75297E93A7DE.jpeg E3331A0D-8D24-47F7-86D2-1A391C3A7DA9.jpeg ABE2CD56-37B6-40EC-BC38-BB28D6579ADC.jpeg 2CBEC578-14F8-4209-8FB1-33A0BF9630C3.jpeg 6F6C41F1-53E5-4AE9-8B3B-E8F92E3F4378.jpeg 9EC719CB-D207-4002-86DA-56A53DBA2A77.jpeg CEECDC62-7C97-49CE-8B9D-42059240F134.jpeg 904AF2C8-A63A-4A7D-B8F0-479D92373175.jpeg 167935E3-F859-4C2F-A11D-F9042C074617.jpeg 33D5271A-FF85-47E9-8A7C-4B1F66000BB3.jpeg D1791E5E-4BE7-4CB6-80D1-3EC6B79B20C9.jpeg 42A5D67D-1D45-4156-9F47-8FB10A1A2297.jpeg FBB4CF36-ABB4-4C8E-8D6E-01BDE337AEA6.jpeg
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    no clue. someone will be along to help.

    but congrats on your new instrument! :thumbsup: