NBD: 1969 Fender Jazz Bass

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    As promised in my other thread, some pictures of my newly acquired '69 Jazz. No real need to comment on the sound of it...its a '69 Jazz ! I took it completely apart and found it to me 100% original. All date codes are correct for 1969. I did find that the ground wire from the rear pickup was loose from the pot so I resoldered it. I had heard a slight bit of noise in the pickup before and reconnecting the ground fixed it. One of the set screws for the bridge was frozen so I had to fix that too. Other than that, a couple of high frets had to be pounded back down and the pots had to be cleaned. Boiled the old strings and re-installed them. Man..they were nasty but sound so good. As discussed in the other thread, there is quite a bit of finish that has flaked off on the lower bout. I discovered that it right where I place my hand when I am adjusting my strap or just holding the bass. Im sure thats what happened in its past and part of its history that I love. The back of the neck has no finish wear and it smooth except for about 4 small dings that cant even be felt. The frets have been dressed and probably replaced many times and are pretty low so, I'll re-fret it in the near future. No buzzing though until I get past the 14th fret on a couple of strings. I never play up there anyway. Yeah..I paid market price or a little above but, Ive always wanted a sunburst, rosewood/block inlay'd Jazz. Oh and the original case is in good shape too. The handle is getting ratty though and coming apart. Got to work on that. Anyway, here are some pics. Enjoy!
    029.JPG 030.JPG 032.JPG 033.JPG 031.JPG


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    Excellent mojo!
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    I know we discussed the price in that other thread but if it's all original, you got a fair deal for sure.
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    That would be my birth year bass. You are one lucky man, congratulations! :thumbsup:
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  5. Veeeeeeerrrrryyyyy nice...!!!:thumbsup::drool::bassist:
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    Thanks guys! Yeah..I wish I could afford my birth year bass but it takes deep pockets to buy a '63! This one is close enough though ( my 1st grade bass ;)
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    What a sweet old bird. I will just never get why anybody even tries to fake that kind of earned wear......
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