NBD: "1969 Fender P" Parts Build

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by kmon, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. kmon

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    May 11, 2009
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    So instead of scouring the web for a P Bass with a jazz neck I thought I'd have one built, and she showed up today:)

    All Fender/Fender licensed parts. Light relic. 1.5" at the nut. Reverse tuners, vintage bridge. I was going for a 69ish Fender P look. Came with leveled frets and a spectacular setup. Low, buttery action.

    It's a very convincing relic, I like the light touch on the fretboard, it was exactly what I wanted.

    I have a set of EMG Geezers I might stick in there, but for now I'm just enjoying it. The pickup covers and maybe the ashtray will come off, but I kept them on for the photo shoot. Enjoy!

    IMG_2043.JPG IMG_2044.JPG IMG_2045.JPG IMG_2046.JPG IMG_2047.JPG IMG_2048.JPG IMG_2049.JPG IMG_2050.JPG IMG_2051.JPG IMG_2052.JPG IMG_2053.JPG
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    Apr 12, 2014
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    Looks good
  3. Oren Hudson

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    A black on black beauty. Nice.
  4. CallMeAl


    Dec 2, 2016
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