NBD: 1998 Warwick Dolphin Pro I

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  1. 2003 Thumb Bleached Blonde

  2. Eshenbaugh Brado 5 String

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  3. Epiphone Firebird Studio

  4. Guild 12 String Acoustic

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  1. itsalljustaride


    Sep 23, 2009
    Sometimes a deal comes along too good to pass up, and consequently, obliterates a good chunk of your savings. Today was that day. Killer bass though. I've had a thing for these ever since I saw the Dave Matthews Live DVD where Stephan Lessard played one. Never thought I'd ever own one, but here I am. Very tight B string. Nice clarity.

    There is a prettier one on the classifieds. Not mine, but I highly recommend you get it if on the fence ;)

    2016-07-21 17.46.40.jpg

    Now for the hard part: which guitars/basses do I part with to recoup some of my funds and keep from drowning in gear?


    2003 Thumb Bleached Blonde - It's a 4 string, and do I need 2 'Wicks?
    Eshenbaugh Brado 5 - It has some negative emotional baggage for me, but very hard to find
    Epiphone Firebird Studio - Not the best of my collection, and easily replaced, but it is nice
    Guild 12 string acoustic - I don't play this nearly enough, but it sounds so pretty
  2. Congrats,beautiful!
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