NBD 1999 Rickenbacker 4001v63

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    Mar 14, 2020
    When I was younger and first starting to get into music, I knew of Paul McCartney before I even knew anything about The Beatles. Paul was one of the first artists I paid attention to and he was half the reason I even picked up a guitar in the first place followed by picking up bass later on.
    Move forward a few years later, when I was in high school I went through a huge Yes phase. Chris Squire was my bass idol, back then I was still playing primarily with a pick and his cutting tone with rounds and a pick really struck a chord with me.
    The years went on and I grew as a player and my taste in music has expanded vastly. I have owned a ton of different guitars and basses over the years and even a few Ricks from throughout the eras and some I regret selling in hindsight, but a lot of them ended up disappointing me either tone or feel wise and the pursuit was endless for the "right one".
    That leads us to the present, I recently picked up an interest again in Ricks and went on an all out search for as many different ones I could try out. I did my research and hunted around for which one would probably be the best for me and I came across the 4001v63. Instantly all of my McCartney and Squire passion from over the years came flooding back and I felt drawn to the model. After having a few deals that fell through, I found a good deal on one from a private seller and got it a few days ago. I pulled it out, tuned it up, and it plays and sounds exactly how I want it to and honestly that's all I really wanted. I think I can finally say for once that I am truly satisfied with my instrument. Happy playing folks!
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    Excellent basses. Congratulations! Loved mine with Swing 66s, very aggressive RI horseshoe, I believe mine was a '97. I had a Fireglo one, but always wanted one in Mapleglo. I let it go because the horseshoe and the pickup in my AVRI Precision sounded so close (at least how I run my setup) and I got along better with the Precision's neck, but I'd love to get another some day, they're stellar instruments.
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