NBD! 2005 Fender MIM Precision Special Deluxe Series

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  1. Picked up this beauty a few days ago but didn't have a chance to post. I've had an Ibanez and and a couple of Squiers, but this is my first Fender. It's been hard to find info on this model. I think the color is Blizzard Pearl, but it looks like it aged into almost a Champagne shade. In good condition and plays great... Plus I got it for $350 with hard case, strap locks, and a Fender strap. If you have any info on this bass, or comments in general, please let me know! PhotoGrid_1561067311450.jpg
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  2. Mark76


    Dec 1, 2015
    Modded or all original?
  3. Original except for pickguard, previous owner said it originally had a gold anodized pickguard.