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  1. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
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    I like to wait a bit before posting a "New Bass" thread to let the newness wear off a bit and reduce "gushing"... 5 1/2 weeks in and I can definitely say that this one's a keeper...

    2012 Fender P5... I had been watching it in the local GC for several months... It just wasn't moving despite several price drops. It didn't have the best setup while hanging in the store, but the inherent quality was pretty evident, and I'm pretty handy with my own setups, so I wasn't scared off. I typically get a cash bonus during February, and had decided that if the bass was still hanging there for that price at bonus time, I'd seriously consider dropping the coin :D

    Bonus check lands the Thursday before President's day weekend, and when I walk in, there's a tag on the bass dropping it about $150 lower than the last price I had seen... CHA-CHING! I snag it off the wall and find a sales associate. When he rings it up, it's another $145 lower than the already low tag price! $295 lower overall!! BOOM!! Got it home, slapped some Chromes on it and did a full setup and proceeded to fall in love...

    I haven't owned, or really even played, a five string in 10 years, but lately I've been getting a hankering to try one again. I'm a P guy, so this was a great find. Gigged it on day three, spent the next coupla weeks getting used to it, and then the inevitable... "Do I really want a five??"... "Would I be happier with a four??"... "Hey, here's a guy with a killer four looking to trade for a five! Straight up??"...

    After riding the fence for about 10 days, I played it at Tuesday's rehearsal with the "horn" band and all doubt was removed! It's a comfortable, fabulous player, that even five weeks later, lives up to the "hype"... Just like everyone has been saying, it really is just a killer P bass with an extra string, (and a very nice extra string at that!!)

    Obligatory, crappy cell-phone pic...


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    Feb 17, 2011
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    Nice, enjoy! I suppose you can't go wrong with it. :bassist:
  3. Congrats, man! I have the exact same bass and I also got mine at GC, although not as good a deal as you got! In 4+ years I've lowered the action once and never adjusted the truss rod. It's a trouble-free bass in every way. Hope yours will be the same!
  4. The new Fenders are great! Nice burst!