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    Have been thru a handful of SS basses over the past few years (currently have an Ibby miKro for sale/trade: For Sale - Ibanez miKro Walnut Flat w/bag)... had a (new) Mustang PJ for awhile, a JMJ... and a coupla Squiers (Jag, Mustang)... just couldn’t bond with any. Whilst on a vaca I was perusing TB (always a high-risk proposition :D) and came across this Fiesta Red CIJ Mustang- at a nice price... struck-up a convo (another risky thang :greedy:) with @cubanbass ... he, kindly, took my $$ and promptly shipped this baby- from Hoboken to Baltimore!! Strung with Labella flats- is real nice! This seems to be one with (whom) I can bond. Taking her out tomorrow nite- hoping fer the best :laugh:. My favorite neck (on my black P body) is a CIJ Geddy Lee neck- great quality... this (CIJ) seems as good!

    7FCCDA31-BDEE-49A9-A431-79038A68278E.jpeg 41C8EA26-6928-4C87-95B3-8C7604616B70.jpeg
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    Congrats. I love my MIJ Mustang; hope you enjoy yours!
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    Very nice.
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    Joined the ‘crew’! :bassist:

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