NBD!!! Did I just buy a 4 string???? (Very modified Ibanez SR900 content)

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  1. Let me preface this thread by saying that after 33 years I've finally gotten myself a 4 string bass. I've played them from time to time, but never really felt like I needed one. Recently, though, I decided that I'd like to give one an honest shot, so I borrowed a Fender Jazz bass for an afternoon and while I hated the bass I kind of really liked the compromises I had to make in my playing to make it work. After a few weeks of research and gas I ended up here...

    Well... What could this be?


    Let's take a look!


    Wait... What the ...


    Hang on... This will never do!


    Well, that looks better... Let's make sure it's right, shall we?


    Ahhhh... I hadn't noticed that over the hour or so checking it out in store (or the 3 hour rehearsal I used it for last night that we're disregarding for this thread to make it seem like it's a grand unveiling for me as well as you...)

    Next let's look at all the things someone decided that they wanted to change on this bass!
  2. Well, intrepid looky loos here to ogle yourselves a new to me preowned Ibanez, you may have noticed that there are a few things that aren't OEM about this bass... 20190709_135015.jpg

    Overall, it's been refinished with a satin clear coat with the exception of the headstock which was painted black and rebadged with the correct headstock logo and serial number, then also given a satin clear finish...


    I initially balked when I realized this (and probably why I didn't notice the string faux pas), but everything else checked out and Hoshino confirmed that the serial number was correct for an SR900, so I was ok with it... Actually, I really like the look of the black headstock given the change to all black hardware... including those Gotoh tuners (...very smooth)

    Here we see that the Mk1 Barts were swapped for what I believe are Mk4s and the preamp was swapped for a NTMB-918F with a push pull mid pot for frequency. The cavity and battery compartment were also given copper foil shielding and all the wiring was very neatly routed and soldered. You also see that the bridge was replaced. The only info I have on the bridge is that it's the same model used on the high end Reverend basses and the saddles (if not the whole bridge) are brass. I noticed that the bridge looks a bit askew in the picture, but that's just the amateur photographer...


    Just a quick back shot because I love the curved body on this bass (even though it doesn't really show up in the photo)
  3. So there it is... As I mentioned, I played this bass last night after picking it up for a 3 hour rehearsal and I was surprised at how much I connected with it. I may or may not have tried to fret a ghost string a couple of times, but i had such a fun time playing. The bass needs a good cleaning and set up, but I was kind of digging the unknown strings last night. The sound was so even across the strings and it's got this beautiful clean, clear, articulate tone that can sustain for days. I'm lovin' it...

    It's the honeymoon, but for now it's what I'm bringing out to play. Time will tell if I go back to the 6 as my number 1....

    Just a quick full body shot to end the post....


    Thanks for looking!
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    it wasn't painted black and rebadged. it was originally transparent black flat. the original finish was removed from everywhere except the headstock. this is what it originally looked like.

    2005-2007 SR900 were available in transparent black flat
    2004 SR900 were available in transparent black gloss
    that's why your 06 headstock has a flat finish

    the bridge is a sung il BB404
    Bass bridges > BB 404 1 페이지
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  5. Thank you so much!!! That makes way more sense. Also, good to know exactly what the bridge is... I do appreciate the info!
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