NBD: Dingwall Combustion Version 1

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  1. So this is a somewhat new bass day as it's a used but new to me Dingwall Combustion Version 1! I had a Dingwall NG2 last year that I unfortunately had to sell and this Combustion popped up for sale on the used market near enough to me recently at a really good price so I simply had to go for it. I was thinking about changing the pickguard but after seeing it in person I like it a lot so I think it's going to stay for now :) it has some nice history too as I contacted Dingwall with the serial number to get some info and it's bass number "94" of the first ever run of Combustion basses. Currently putting it through it's paces through a Mesa D800 and Darkglass M900 as well as a Darkglass B7K and Alpha Omega. Today is a good day! :D

    20170701_180027.jpg 20170701_180109.jpg 20170701_180126.jpg 20170701_180224.jpg
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    Purdy bass!
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  3. Beautiful! I've been gassing for a Dingwall for a LONG time and this thread has done absolutely nothing to alieve that longing.
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    Jan 25, 2017
    I've been looking at the combustion and the ng2, which do you prefer and why? Also, what are the neck dimensions? I'm a fan of a thinner jazz style neck, but not opposed to new things.