NBD! Douglas Sculptor 5

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  1. wrvmBPH.jpg Just got this on Tuesday after I ordered it from Rondo on Monday! Paid $150 for this bass including shipping. Set up from rondo was no good but that's an easy fix. Strings we're laying against the fret board due to the truss rod being tightened all the way. Strings we're also garbage, the b was the same gauge as the e! When I went to change the strings the tuners were loose so I just took some pliers and tightened them up. The bridge on this thing is annoying as the string pops out of the bridge if the strings are slackened. You also have to loosen the strings off the move the saddles back and forth to adjust the intonation. The neck on this bass plays fast and the frets are perfect! No sharp fret ends! This bass sounds amazing due to the MM humbucker, j single coil, and 2 band active preamp. There are four knobs 1. Pickup balance 2. Master volume 3. Treble 4. Bass. Overall this bass is amazing for only $150 on Rondo! Btw this is my first 5 string and I love it!
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