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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by T-Bird, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all.

    As promised, here's a bit of a review of the bass.

    UPS did a bit of a round-trip with the bass, from Germany to Finland to Denmark??? and back to Finland. Perhaps they wanted it to arrive the day they promised ;). My bass was just 60km away on monday...

    Well after handing down 327€ the package was mine. No visible signs of mishandling or damage in the outer box like we have had the misfortune to read in several threads.

    Anyway, like expected from Thomann, well double packed in heavy cardboard.

    Inside of the Thomann box was this:


    Wrapped in plastic with a poster and an "owners manual".

    Plastics off, this blonde beauty was waiting inside:


    The finish is immaculate, no dings or scratches anywhere.
    The fretjob feels good, no sharp ends, like this price range instruments often have.

    What had escaped my attention was that the LTD's seem to have brass nuts, cool.


    A bridge that looks like a high mass brass one but I highly doubt that:


    There seems to be quite a bit room for intonation adjustment, so BEAD tuning shouldn't be a problem.

    The serial number seems to point the manufacturing month to be 06 2009, if the serial numbering on the LTD's follow the regular Epiphone numbering system, so speculations about these being NOS are shot. These are brand new production.


    Like it should be, the bass was detuned for the trip. Setup is lower than I'd like, but as I set up all my instruments myself anyway, no biggie.

    The sound through SWR WM10 is a bit different than my Thunderbirds, as the pickups are in different locations. The pickups seem to be the same as in the T-Bird though.

    No mentionable neckdive with a suede strap. As a matter of a fact, it's way less than with a T-B with it's strap button in the standard location.

    The bass is rather large as far as the dimensions go. I'm no dwarf myself, but the bass looks huge, at least when i wear it high. For smaller people, the reach all the way to the first fret may be a struggle. It's relatively light though, 4.35Kg.

    As it happens, we have a rehearsal today. Can't wait to hear my new toy through the main rig, and the comments from my bandmates will be interesting too ;). They do know that I ordered the bass, but that was in February.

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!

    That bass looks great!!! I hope you have many years of enjoyment from it matey.
  3. Hi.

    Thanks kevin lindsay I'm pretty sure I will.

    The rehearsal was a complete success. Exept for the 6er tunes, I used only the Explorer.

    My bandmates were pleased too, not that they could tell the subtle difference in the sound, but the shape always gets the approval of the 80's youth. Arranging the neck/bridge/both pickups to the tunes will take some time, and the "mudbucker" tunes will be played with the T-Bird anyway.

    Two issues surfaced though. Both I was aware of, but issues still.

    #1 Playing octaves on lower frets is a real stretch. The nut is even further from the shoulder than in T-Bird, and on disco type songs it's a PITA or more precisely PITF.

    #2 The damn thing DOES NOT FIT in any case that I know of, so a custom one seems like the only option.
    I highly doubt that I could even find a gig-bag for it, if I had a brain damage severe enough to use one in the first place ;).

    There's some tweaking required still, the nut slots are a hair too high, the intonation is not spot on, the pickups are a bit high etc., but that's the case with every instrument that's not bought from a store I guess.

    I can highly recommend the LTD Explorer, and if the quality is the same throughout the series (there's a lot that can be hidden under the paint), the same goes for the rest of the instruments too.

  4. Yeah...I had to take mine home in a box for a coffin case. Still, I love it, and I'm hoping to give my Jazz band director a heart attack with it, lol. It looks, feels and sounds just so amazing.
  5. You are not going to find a case easily. I play a Dean Z Tour (2 of em) and finding cases for them was a pain. I found these from MF. They are designed for the ML but with a little interior foam cutting, your Explorer will fit. I had to cut mine a bit but, they fit now. The case is huge so it should certainly accomodate your Epi. Just a little cutting.

    BTW, awesome Explorer. So under used now. I love em.
  6. I tried one of these out at a local GC and thought it was cool. Different tone than the Epi T-bird which surprised me a little as I expected them to sound the same. Awkward to play as you'd imagine but that's not why you buy this bass. I'm glad to see them back in production.
  7. Tommygunn


    Nov 8, 2008
    Houston, Tx
    Dude! Awesome! Cept the headstock is... meh.
  8. super-cabbage


    May 5, 2009
    im seriously concidering gettign this bad boy.

    any pictures of you wearing it mate? i wanna see the proportions up againt a person..
  9. Hi.

    Thanks guys.

    :D, I bet that he's going to go :eyebrow:.

    MF isn't an option, they don't ship to Europe.

    No problem though, I just make a case for it.

    If the quality of the entire batch is anything like in my example, we'll see more and more of them in the future.

    The pickup locations and the set neck affect sound more than people are willing to admit. Woods, not that much in this price range.

    It may be awkward for a P or a J player, but the feel is similarish to a Epi T-Bird. Just a bit more of a stretch.

    The Scimitar headstock has never been a favourite of mine either, but the 4 originals have been reported to have had one (3+1, not 4 in line though), so it's ok.

    I do like the original (guitar) V-shaped headstock on F-V's better than the new triangular one though.

    I HATE posing, and do that only if there's no other option, so You'll have to wait for a while.

    We do have a few gigs lined up in the next weeks so there will be some pics, I'm sure about that.

  10. super-cabbage


    May 5, 2009
    haha i just ordered a t-bird in ebony anyway man.

    so no worries. :D
  11. Darkstrike

    Darkstrike Return Of The King!

    Sep 14, 2007
    Very cool, I really wanted one, too, but got tired of waiting, so a kind TBer gave me a tracing of his, and I'm gonna make one, but with a Fender neck. Downside is the lack of 22 frets.
  12. GM60466


    May 20, 2006
    Land of Lakland
    Amazing looking bass for that price!!!
  13. super-cabbage


    May 5, 2009
    any pictures of the gig?
  14. Hi.

    No pictures yet, but I'll forward them if I recieve any. People concentrated on boozing and taking pics of our singer, a good looking woman attracts more attention than 4 hairy guys for some strange reason ;).

    The gig itself was a success, I played almost all the 4 string tunes with the Explorer. My Epi T-Bird isn't bad at all, but this new baby feels even better.

    The next gig is on Sat. so if all else fails, I'll ask our singer to take a few pics when it's my turn to do the vocals.

  15. LCW

    LCW Inactive

    Mar 2, 2009
    Where can i buy one?
  16. Darkstrike

    Darkstrike Return Of The King!

    Sep 14, 2007
  17. Hi.

    Quite a few TBers have reported that some GCs have the Explorers and also the F-Vs.

  18. Darkstrike

    Darkstrike Return Of The King!

    Sep 14, 2007
    Oh, I have the same bridge as this on a bass, and it worked perfectly for BEAD.:)
  19. Hi.

    A pic as promised.

    A bit blurry, but the conditions were less than optimal.


    For the comparison and scaling purposes, I'm about 176cm and 100Kg.

  20. John Deacon

    John Deacon

    Aug 24, 2007
    Wow, any soundclips by any chance?

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