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  1. I wasn't able to make it out to any of my local music stores on Black Friday, however, today I had some time so I went to my local store and what did I see but an Epiphone Thunderbird Classic-IV PRO in the tiny, tiny bass department. This particular bass has been on my list for a very long time but all of my local stores only ever stocked the low-end model. I pulled it off the wall and couldn't believe the price, lower than the low-end model. The condition was good, a couple of minor marks but no serious damage. I walked it up to the cash, grabbed a cable and proceeded to test it. It sounded great! This particular model uses Gibson USA TB-Plus pickups.

    The last remaining bass on my list is a Music Man...time to update my list!

    20171129_014949566_iOS.jpg 20171129_014932054_iOS.jpg 20171129_014937985_iOS.jpg
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  3. Nice bass. The pro model def sounds better with the upgraded pick up's and all. I almost picked up a used Gibson thunderbird the other week but stumbled upon a wicked old '78 Music man stingray. Thunder bird is def on my list now though once my wife gets over the MM purchase lol. Enjoy the new bass!
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    Dec 20, 2017
    I've had mine since February. I actually like how the finish turned out to be more a "marinara" red than a "tobbaco," but I've been disappointed that the non-relief, outline portion of the headstock doesn't match—the Alpine White model has matching white trim on the headstock, and if you shine a strong light on it, you can actually see that the red finish is underneath the black coat, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any techniques to remove this without mucking it up.

    Must disagree with the comment about the Pro IV (non-Classic) sounding better. I had that model first and sold it after two weeks because the pickups were just so unbelievably awful; sounded like hot, wet, anemic fart. Passive >.

    Pro tip: your Classic's pickups might be at a bit of a wonky angle. Next time you change your strings, while the bass has no strings on it, gently lift them out of their cavities, and strategically place some foam in there. You don't have to disconnect any wiring or anything. I used the self-sticking stuff meant for winterizing your windows. With a little tweaking, you can level off the pickups, then use the screws for height adjustment—make sure the bass side is a little lower than the treble side, so your A at the 5th fret of the E string isn't 10x louder than your open A (you gotta set this by ear, or if you're happy with the way they are, measure their heights.

    Also, this is the least neckdivey of the current models (not counting the new Vintage Pro, which I haven't tried), but it does have a little. 1/4 oz self-stick tire weights stuck to the inside of the control cavity panel will fix it. I managed to fit 24 in there for a total of 6 oz counterweight.

    Much to my chagrin, they announced the Vintage Pro, a reissue of the early 60s model like Entwistle used, just a few months after I got my Classic. Oh well, a second Thunderbird won't hurt.
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    Right after a new bass in between Jackson kelly Bird or epiphone thunderbird classic pro ....im leaning towards the classic pro help people :)
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    I absolutely love my Thunderbird classic pro. Amazing bass, especially for the price.
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  7. Stebe bassist

    Stebe bassist

    Feb 10, 2018
    I had a alpine white old epiphone a few years back and sold it as the pickups were crap and it sounded bad does this new version sound loads better with the thru neck and new Gibson pickups??
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  8. The alpine Thunderbird you talk about is a low end model. This model is well made and the pickups have that unmistakable Thunderbird growl.

    If you like the look and sound of the Gibson Thunderbird but can’t come up with Gibson money, this is the Thunderbird you should get. It is built to the same specs as the 2013 Gibson but built overseas to cut down on costs.

    When I compared the bolt on neck and the thru neck and there is no question the thru neck adds sustain.
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    Thanks man
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