NBD Esp Ltd B-206

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    May 19, 2016
    Ok I have actually had it a week, but it's still pretty brand new. I took a couple other basses in to GC and traded up to a new ESP Ltd B-206. I started my bass journey a little over a year ago on 4 stringers, then took a chance and graduated to a couple 5's and got over the intimidation quickly. Now I have started getting into the upper register and chords, so this beast helps with that kind of thing. The extended range is also fun, it's pretty cool to be able to go a full 2 octaves and more without ever needing to move hand position. Plus the colors seem to match my bear rug also. Maybe thats what the "B" in b series stands for, I guess it does for me now. :D IMG_20170714_202632_758.jpg
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    Sep 9, 2005
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    Wait, you started bass a year ago on a 4-string and now are playing a 6'er?!
    Nice progression and nice bass.

    The LTD's are only a manufacturing location's difference from ESP Japan, if I'm correct, most of the same components, specs etc.

    I feel that ESP Japan basses are among the best in the World, so you made a wise choice.
    It looks great, and that's coming form a die-hard 4-banger!:roflmao:

    Diggin' the 12-fret inlay too.

    Congrats, and rock it, on or off the bearskin rug!
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