NBD Fender Custom Shop Sixties Jazz Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Mantis Tobaggan, May 4, 2017.

  1. Mantis Tobaggan

    Mantis Tobaggan Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2015
    Tampa, FL
    I bought used on TB classifieds ...

    FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg

    Right away got a full setup and DR Hi-Beams. The tone is really nice and up front. Everything feels great. I haven't played in a band setting but I have played with it on my full gig rig and very much like it.
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  2. avri62


    Jan 28, 2012
    Congrats on a very fine looking bass! Love the relic look and the stacked knobs.
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  3. Microcosm


    Sep 14, 2006
    Very nice! Congrats on that beautiful instrument.
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  4. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    Wow! That's a beaut!!

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  5. Wisebass


    Jan 12, 2017
    Lost in Space
    Hi Manti, :) happy NBD!!!

    give her every inch :bassist::bassist::bassist:

    may the...

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  6. Mantis Tobaggan

    Mantis Tobaggan Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2015
    Tampa, FL
    I've been listening to Led Zeppelin all week in preparation. What an amazing sounding jazz bass. I like how the tone is really nice like a precision but just a little more present and up-front feeling. Also, the bass is so easy to play. I find myself playing better and doing more intricate things on this bass than I normally would.
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  7. I love doing my worst (cuz I'm a hack) imitation of JPJ when I play my Jazz.

    That one you got there is a stunner, well done!
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  8. Mantis Tobaggan

    Mantis Tobaggan Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2015
    Tampa, FL
    Thanks me too. I love the stacked knobs because i can open the tone on the neck pickup and close it on the bridge pickup for a nice blend. Also the wear is amazing. It really feels like someone played this bass for thirty years. The neck is amazing.
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  9. ajkula66


    Sep 23, 2016
    This aspect alone would make me say that it was a worthwhile purchase.

    While I'm not a fan of the relic looks in general, Custom Shops are tough to beat as a value proposition on today's market. I'm certain that it plays like a charm. May it serve you well.

    Enjoy it.
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  10. Congrats, that bass is beautiful.
    I got a Fender Flea in December and the only bass I can see myself getting down the line is something like yours. Custom shop and stacked pots!
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  11. mikeyjm2

    mikeyjm2 Keepin' it simple.

    Dec 31, 2014
    Houston, TX
    Mantis, that is one nice bass. Enjoy it man!
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  12. Malak the Mad

    Malak the Mad Over the River and through the Looking Glass Supporting Member

    Classy! :cool: drool :thumbsup:
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    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    Congrats, rock it hard! :bassist:
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  14. Mantis Tobaggan

    Mantis Tobaggan Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2015
    Tampa, FL
    Thanks! :thumbsup: It is a fine jazz bass. Loving it.
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  15. Pbassmanca

    Pbassmanca In the pocket n' thumpy. So woody, so greasy...

    That's a serious jazz bass right there. I love the vintage white with tortoise on any bass. I never realized until I tried one that had them, how much more tonal versatility you get with the stack knobs. Great find man, enjoy!
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  16. Midak


    Sep 4, 2011
    Athens, Greece
    Congratulations on that Jazz and welcome to the CS family! :)
    You can be a member of this club, if you like.
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  17. I noted this on another post, but this bass is really stunning.

    I was thinking of assembling a stack knob bass myself, but this makes me think a used CS might be the way to go.
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  18. FunkHead

    FunkHead Supporting Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    That's a very sweet bass! I love the darker color on the Tort scratch-palate.
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  19. Mantis Tobaggan

    Mantis Tobaggan Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2015
    Tampa, FL
    Used CS is a pretty good deal. This bass plays and sounds really great.
  20. I read Bass Player Magazine's great review of the Flea bass, and a few days later played one at a Guitar Center here in Richmond. The instrument looked and felt great, but the setup was horrible. I realize that its just a matter of having someone knowledgeable attend to the instrument, but I was amazed they would allow one of the most expensive basses to be out on the floor in such poor playing condition. This is a store with the word "guitar" in its name and not a pawn shop!
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