NBD Fender Jazz Bass Special Fretless '87

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by CaseyVancouver, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. CaseyVancouver


    Nov 4, 2012
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    New 'old' bass day!

    Very happy when this bass arrived...

    'G' serial number dating it to '87 '88. Made in Japan. Unlined rosewood board. This ungigged bass must never of been played out either. Just wonderful condition for 30 years old.
    Unmolested and all original.

    Nice balance, not heavy, very strong mwah even with the flats. Electronics are perfect, no hums or crackling or wierd noises. I'm a sucker for matching headstock paint. Has kind of a precision body and jazz neck.

    A pleasure to play :)

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  2. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    Looks like the original knobs are intact. That's pretty rare.
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  3. Was gonna say the same, those original knobs are rare and worth a gem. They were on various fender guitars as well like the espirit. I've seen them for $50-60 each. Anyways killer bass, i have owned 2 for years that have been go to basses
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  4. CaseyVancouver


    Nov 4, 2012
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Yep. These pics are courtesy of the seller.
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