NBD- Fender Urge and Squier P (both used but upgraded)

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    Mar 9, 2012
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    I recently decided to go with passive basses for now so put up a couple of my active basses up for sale or trade. A while ago, I was contemplating going with a mid-scale bass and had my eye on an Ibanez Mezzo but that idea was shelved unless I happen to find a passive mid-scale bass.
    Well, by coincidence, a MIM Fender Urge should up on CL, it's been upgraded with two single coil active EMG pickups but wired VVT (instead of the two stacked knobs of the original), while it still requires a battery, it still has that passive vibe to it. The bridge was also upgraded to a Badass II. The bass is what I was looking for, while it doesn't sound like a true Jazz bass (pickup placement for one alters the tone), it sounds a little like a quasi-pbass/jazz - it seems to have more low end than your typical jazz bass despite being a 32" scale bass, has a nice slim neck too. Love the sound of it and it's very comfortable to play on - age and a sore shoulder seems to love it too, it's a light enough bass at 7.5 pounds.

    The other bass I got the same day and traded for another little used active bass was a Squier P Bass 20th anniversary with the metallic silver finish and matching headstock.
    What interested me about this bass was the upgrades, Fender bridge, Seymour Duncan pickup, overhauled electronics with CTS pots, strung with flatwounds. Sounds terrific regardless of brand on the headstock.

    You can see the size difference of the two basses in this picture, I have to admit I'm still getting used to the slightly shorter scale length of the Fender but it certainly is comfortable and probably going to open up the way for having more mid-scale/short scale basses in my future.

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