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  1. I just received the fretless Warwick I bought from the classifieds here. (thanks for the good deal) The only fretless experience I had was playing a Squier fretless at GC. Hated it, thin, anemic, almost seemed like it had no "balls" to it. No real boom bass to speak of. I played it through a MarkBass 2X10 and LMB head and Acoustic 8x10 amps. So that wasn't the problem either. Keep in mind, I prefer a P/J combo, both wide open. However, the Wick? Awesome. Plenty of booty coming out of this thing. I love how it has the side markers where the actual frets would be. Makes my life easier. Specially when I play a lot on the 3rd and 5th frets.(if it's good enough for Rage, it's good enough for me) Not as heavy as I imagined a Warwick to be. The neck seems to be comfortable so far too. Granted, I've only played for 15 minutes or so. I'm used to thin Ibby necks though.



    All in all, I shouldn't have spent the money. I'm glad I did though. This will undoubtedly become my main bass. Can't wait for the guitarist to bitch that he can't see what fret I'm playing. lol Funny how the bass player has all the music knowledge and theory in my band..... Ruins my theory that bad musicians are bass players and failed musicians are drummers.. lol
  2. Sweet frickin' bass man! Hope you enjoy it!

    And I know what you mean about all the theory knowledge being with the bassist in a band. I'm the same way. When I first showed my guitarist my new five string MTD Kingston Heir, he bitched about how it was hard enough to know what fret I was playing before, but now the markers are gone AND there's another string.
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  4. My only question is, is there a sound difference between the brass adjust a nut and the plastic adjust a nut Warwick uses? If there is, can I change to the brass one by just unscrewing the plastic one and swapping? Nothing is wrong with the plastic one, just looking for options.