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NBD - Fullerton AVRI P Bass - Candy Apple Red over Lake Placid Blue

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rkwells101, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. rkwells101


    Feb 19, 2021
    New to forum. I just picked up this 85 Fullerton P bass in Candy Apple Red over Lake Placid Blue. Neck has H. Gastelum stamped and body has M. Sanchez stamped. Pots date to 85. This is a dream bass for me. H. Gastelum and a custom color. Somebody pinch me!!!! I am familiar with H. Gastelum anybody know who M. Sanchez is? Any recommendations on string type? What do these basses like to be strung with? Enjoy the bass porn.

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  2. FrenchBassQC

    FrenchBassQC Supporting Member

    Jul 13, 2011
    Gatineau QC CA
    Nice bass you've got there and welcome to Talkbass! :thumbsup: edit: I also agree, TI flats will change your life.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2021
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  3. Killing Floor

    Killing Floor Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2020
    Austin, TX
    Lovely. Congrats.
    TI Jazz Flats will change your life.
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  4. Sands

    Sands Supporting Member

    Dec 11, 2016
    I have an H Gastellum 1983 62 neck on a 1998 62 body with 58 electronics (not sure of year). The neck shape alone is a work of art. Yes, TI Flats are it... I’d love to have an original early days RI bass like yours, but honestly it’s special as is. I don’t think I could or should ever part with it.


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  5. rkwells101


    Feb 19, 2021
    I agree Sands that is a unique bass indeed. Would love to see some pics
  6. That is a very early Corona Model from this series:
    U.S. Vintage Reissue (Corona) (1986-98) 57, 62 models

    Fullertons are a bit different.
    Logo position, serial, pivot holes, ...
    Fender Fullerton Reissue club
    Real nice bass.
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  7. String choice ? Depends on your tonal goals. For me it would be GHS P flats, or La Bella DTF flats. YMMV.
  8. PWRL


    Sep 15, 2006
    TI flats are nice on those.
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  9. Chicken Wing

    Chicken Wing

    Mar 26, 2017
    Welcome and congrats! I’d say Chromes are a great all around flatwound string. Or if roundwounds are your thing I like La Bella Nickle Rx or Ernie Ball.
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  10. murphy

    murphy Supporting Member

    May 5, 2004
    That is a real beauty you have there
  11. Sands

    Sands Supporting Member

    Dec 11, 2016
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  12. Smooth_bass88

    Smooth_bass88 Groove it Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2006
    North AMERICA, USA
    My US '62 Reissue is from 1991. Love these Fenders.
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  13. RedMoses


    Jul 4, 2012
    I used to have one of these 80's RI Fullerton PBasses, had it for a couple years, sold it in the early 2000's because i was all about 5 string Warwick at the time, i still kick myself to this day for selling it.

    La Bella 760N nylon flats 115 E, thick strings, big deep sound, lighter tension, lively mid range.
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  14. Jackcrow

    Jackcrow Supporting Member

    Jul 10, 2017
    North Dakota
    Were the color over color paint jobs pretty common on these reissues? I have seen a few like that, pretty cool. I don't think I've seen a color over burst, which seems like its most commonly found with the original custom colors in the 60s.
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  15. PWRL


    Sep 15, 2006
    My 89 also has a Gastelum neck. You'll really enjoy that bass.
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  16. Johnny Alien

    Johnny Alien Supporting Member

    Jan 24, 2003
    Harrisburg, PA, USA
    @FenderOli is correct. That's an early Corona model not a Fullerton reissue. Still great basses! I question whether the CAR finish is original. It would be odd for Fender to do a color over a color. Usually they did special colors over more common finishes like sunburst.
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  17. filwitheneff


    Feb 22, 2008
    Nice bass! And I will join the echo chamber and say "TI Flats".
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  18. rkwells101


    Feb 19, 2021
    I wondered about that as well before I purchased it. When I punched in the serial number it came back as custom shop. I know the Corona factory did not get up and running until 1986. The previous owner thought it was somewhere in the middle between Fullerton and Corona. Could have been one of the last few made in Fullerton because it is handmade not CNC. I showed pictures to Fender and got this

    “Everything looks consistent with our Fullerton production from the early 80's. Stay safe out there!


    Kyle Foot -
    Gear Advisor
    Fender Musical Instruments Corp.”
    And This from the previous owner who owned it for 20 years.
    “The Fullerton factory closed in 1985. In 1985 production of their main lines (non-vintage series) moved to Japan. So, during 1985 vast the majority US production was made at the Fullerton Factory. There was very limited production of the Vintage series starting in the new factory in October of 1985. Below is from a form discussing this time. “True - FMIC did actually get their factory up and running in October 1985 but they were only building the reissue models at that time (the '52 Tele, '57 and '62 Strat, '56 and '62 P Bass, and '62 Jazz Bass) but they were only making a handful of guitars a day - for quite a while they were only finishing up 7 instruments a day”. My understanding is that these were still the hand built non-cnc. Given the level of the production, timing of starting production at the Corona facility and the neck and pot dates on this bass it is very likely that it was produced at the Fullerton factory. As far as I my research and consulting with an industry professional has lead me to believe there is no way to guarantee which factory 1985 models came out of and there may even be some that were partly produced at each facility. At the time fender and their employees did not view this distinction as particularly important (which is why they did not distinguish by beyond the date markings), although it is interesting for historic reasons.
    No matter it is a great hand made fender P bass.
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    Feb 28, 2021

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