NBD: Hadean Uke Bass!

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  1. Since me and my guitarist's wives happen to be best friends, we are planning on a family trip together in a couple of weeks. I wanted something small I could bring on the trip with me, so that we could get in a practice or two while we're away.

    I picked up a Hadean uke bass from Rondo, and I gotta say how impressed I am with the large sound you get out of this thing when it's amped! Anyway, on to the pics:
    My son is also excited about how well it fits him!
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    Yep, good choice. I have a few Rondo solid body bass ukes, but I found the Aquila white Thundergut strings to be too sticky and in a relatively short time would sausage at the frets. I replaced them with Road Toad Pahoehoe strings, which are very smooth but take weeks to settle in. On my custom acoustic, I used a set of Aquila Thunder Reds that 1stnamebassist coated only once with powder, which I did and they have been good too.
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    After much thread reading on the UU forums, review checking, and general browsing, I ordered one of these this evening, but in a different wood.

    I built a 5 uke stand out of PVC pipe yesterday and joked that space #5 would be for my future bass uke... I guess that's happening sooner than later... Lol.
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  4. I'll keep those suggestions in mind. Right now, I don't mind the feel of the Thunderguts, but I haven't got anything to compare it to. If they start to shred, I'll consider one of these next.
  5. Is there a photo of this stand you made? I love DIY stuff!
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    Jan 13, 2017
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